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What are the benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is not just about getting additional resourcing for when you need to hire quickly; it's all about enhancing your recruitment processes so your business has the necessary tools to grow.

Instead of investing money and time into recruiting without the right infrastructure to support it, RPO can jumpstart that process and give you the right support you need from the get-go.

Transferring part or all of your recruitment processes can have many benefits. As well as having the right knowledge and expertise to acquire quality talent that's right for your business, RPO has a direct impact on multiple aspects of the business including lowering costs and longer staff retention.

What exactly are the benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing? And how can it help your recruitment process? We've listed the top 5 benefits below.

1. Cost-efficient

One of the biggest advantages of RecruitmentProcess Outsourcing is it can reduce your total recruitment spend considerably, due to the flexibility of the service.

An RPO provider can be as much or as little involved as you want, so costs can go down when your hiring needs go down and the RPO provider can adapt to your business needs.

On top of that, the effort of acquiring key talent for your organisation without the right expertise can not only reduce your productivity, but drive your recruitment costs up.

Hiring the right RPO provider will ensure that they're screening the perfect talent required for the job.

2. Accountability

Since the RPO provider will take ownership of these duties, they are fully accountable for the results they deliver. Choosing the right RPO provider can significantly reduce risk to your organisation and ensure you have the right expertise for the roles you need to fill.

An experienced RPO provider will track and report on every step of the recruitment process, which will make future planning easier and optimise the process as time goes on

3. Higher quality hires and longer staff retention

If your pick the right RPO provider with the right expertise for the relevant processes you want to outsource, it can significantly improve the quality of hires, which will subsequently improve overall staff retention.

Most recruitment teams are subject to inbound applications for positions, internal references and headhunting for positions; whereas RPO providers typically have a larger pool of potential candidates to choose from, which can reduce hire time when you need it the most.

4. Time-efficient

Simply put, outsourcing your recruitment process to an external provider will allow your business to fully focus on its core objectives. You'll have peace of mind that it's in good hands.

If you're a company that's growing rapidly and need an extra set of hands to meet the operation demands, an RPO provider can not only accelerate that recruitment drive, but also enhance your current processes along the way.

5. Enhanced technology

Analytics is the key to success in any goal. Recruitment Process Outsourcing can introduce state-of-the-art recruitment technologies without your bearing the purchase cost and track the key metrics you need to drive your business forward and get the right candidates.

In recent years,Artificial Intelligence has made its way into the recruitment process. It automates the pre-screening process to qualify candidates byidentifying and measuring key job order attributes, which can directly impact conversion rates, with some specific attributes increasing job placement success.

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