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Can your temporary contract become a permanent job?

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Temporary jobs are a try before you buy solution. Choosing a new job opportunity is a big step. Choosing a temp opportunity can ease the pressure by offering an insight into a company and its people before you commit long-term.

What is a temporary assignment?

Temporary assignments range from one day cover to rolling temporary assignments. As a temp worker, you are a direct employer of the agency. For example, if you get placed in a company on a temporary contract by Cpl, Cpl is your employer.

Temp assignments offer great flexibility. You can choose the assignments you work or don’t work. This offers an insight into a range of companies and industries.

Temporary jobs also offer an opportunity to see what a company is like without the initial commitment. If you like the role, it’s a big bonus that temporary positions can often turn into full-time permanent employment.

No more interview fear

Another sizeable benefit of temp work is the interview process. Temporary assignments often cut out the gruelling interview process that is associated with permanent positions.

Most of the roles offer an immediate start and if you like the company you might get the chance to stay long-term.

Can a temp job become permanent?

At Cpl, we have an extremely high rate of converting candidates to permanent employment with over 70% of staff starting off in a temporary assignment securing a permanent position.  In 2018, I placed over 30 candidates in permanent employment in one company alone.

These candidates all started on a 12-week temporary assignment. Due to hard work, enthusiasm and commitment, they all secured a full-time permanent job.

Temporary opportunities are available for a wide range of candidates from those starting off their careers to those returning to work after a career break.

We have positions available in a range of sectors and roles including:

  • Customer service

  • Administration

  • PA roles in the Public Sector, Financial Services and IT

There is a huge variety of temp jobs out there.

But don’t just take my word for it:

“I registered with Cpl shortly after arriving in Dublin and began a temporary position quite quickly. Cpl were able to place me in temporary positions that suited what I was looking for and that supported my longer-term career goals. 

When I began my most recent placement at a call centre in the banking sector I was keen to take up a permanent position when it became available and felt that Cpl was a great support during the process. I would definitely recommend taking temporary roles with CPL as I found my experience with them to be a really positive one.” Cpl employee placed on site in KBC Bank

How to become a temp worker

If you are interested in temp work opportunities out to the Cpl Office Support team today or contact me directly on [email protected] We are specialists in this area and meet and place candidates every day.