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Invite: Fintech Ireland event in First Data's R&D center

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In recent times, the Munster Region has become home to many international and indigenous fintech and regtech (regulatory technology) companies.

In 2018 international financial giant First Data established its Research and Development centre in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary - firmly cementing Munster as an attractive location for Fintech companies in Ireland.

To highlight Munster's growing reputation in this space, Cpl is delighted to sponsor the Fintech Ireland's first event of 2019 at First Data's R&D centre.

Fintech Ireland event information

At the event there will be a range of speakers who have will be sharing their experiences and the opportunities associated with scaling your international or indigenous fintech and regtech business from Munster.

We are delighted to invite you to the event taking place on Tuesday 26th Feb at 12pm in First Data's new offices in Nenagh.

The event will be an opportunity to network with other businesses and individuals and to hear about opportunities for scaling your fintech and regtech business from Munster.

For more information click on the link attached or contact Siobhan O'Shea: [email protected]