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6 reasons you should consider a temp finance job

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In my previous job I worked within Tech recruitment at a recruitment agency in Hong Kong. It was a slow pace in terms of waiting for candidates to finish their notice period and there were a lot of counter offers.

Working within temp Finance recruitment was something I hadn’t considered until before I started working at Cpl. What I’ve learnt is that there are numerous benefits to working a temporary or contract finance job, particularly if you’ve:

  • Looking for exposure to new companies
  • Are keen to upskill
  • You’ve just moved to Ireland

As a temp recruiter recruiting for Accounting and Finance, here are my top 6 reasons you should consider temp finance jobs:

  1. Paid Weekly

Most temp workers are paid weekly, and temp roles can also have a higher wage depending on the company. As your contract is short-term, and often companies need to fill a role quickly, they will generally offer a higher wage to secure good temp workers.

  1. Exposure to different companies

A big benefit of temping is the opportunity to work with lots of different companies. At Cpl, we work with a broad range of Finance companies, from SMEs to Ireland’s largest financial institutions and multi-nationals.

Working with different firms will give you hands-on experience in different working environments and add a range of companies and skills to your CV. You’re also likely to pick up connections along the way which could help with your future career.

  1. Filling a gap

Within our temp Finance team, we’ve noticed several people returning to work after a career break turning to temp roles.

High-quality temp placements allow you to get back to work quickly and adds relevant experience to your CV. All beneficial while looking for a more permanent position. It’s also likely that if you enjoy a particular temp role that it could end up permanent.

  1. Changing career path

If you want to change career and start working in Finance, temping is a great way to do this. In this situation you’d mainly start with administrative work, for example, Accounts Payable and Accounts Assistant roles. This will give you a feel for the industry and you can then build your career from there.

  1. If you’ve just moved to Ireland

Temping is also a good option if you’ve just moved to Dublin from a different country. I’ve had a few candidates who relocated to Dublin a few months back from Brazil. The candidates were skilled in Accountancy within Brazil but had a hard time securing full-time permanent jobs.

On arriving in Ireland they began working in the hospitality sector. However, this wasn’t the work they wanted to do. Temping gave them the opportunity to get their foot in the door and now many of them have become permanent staff.

  1. Flexibility

Finance temp contracts can vary. Some could be week to week which allows you a lot of flexibility with your working hours. This can often be suitable for working parents, or people who don’t want a regular full-time 9-5 work routine.

Ireland’s Finance industry is booming, with a wealth of permanent and temporary opportunities available in Dublin and further afield.

Considering a temp finance role?

If you are thinking of changing career or are looking for a short-term role that will earn you experience and a generous salary get in touch. I’d be happy to advise.