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International Women's Day 2019

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Today marks International Women's Day (IWD), an international event celebrated each year.Since the 1900's the objective of celebrating International Women's Day has been to focus on the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. This year the theme is #BalanceforBetter.

With almost 70% of employees in Cpl being female, we are delighted to support this event and recognise all the wonderful women that we have working in our organisation.

Earlier this month we asked employees to nominate their Positive Female Role Models within Cpl. We received 260 nominations with nominations from across the group in Ireland and Europe.

Our overall winners were:

  • Siobhan Ryan, Cpl Limerick - Siobhan was nominated for her innate leadership skills, her dedication, ability to empower and guide her team and colleagues and her infectious positivity at all times.
  • Deborah Crilly, Cpl HR, Retail & Sales Recruitment - Deborah was nominated for her positive attitude, resilience, people-oriented approach, ability to change perspectives and show support.
  • Katarzyna Piotrowska, Warsaw - Katarzyna was nominated for her incredibly helpful nature, problem-solving ability, her display of a good work-life balance and her accountability.

Below you will find a complete list of all those that were nominated followed by a selection of comments on some of Cpl's most influential women.

International Womens Day 2019 Cpl

Aileen McCann, Servisource

'What can I say about Aileen? She is, without doubt, the kindest, most positive person I've ever worked with. Aileen has an infectious positive attitude that cheers me up every day'�She approaches every project in work with a true 'can-do' attitude which spreads across the entire team and makes our workplace a much more fun enjoyable place. I have witnessed her carry out acts of random kindness that no one else would think of. All the time spurred on by her positive attitude. Our office would be a greyer place to work in if she were not here.'

Nomination by David Caldwell

Arlene Hawthorne, Cpl NI

'Arlene consistently leads from the front in NI with her billing figures despite having one less day a week to do it. She works a very demanding dual temp and perm desk, so she has to very carefully manage her time in order to make this a success. She does this with minimum fuss and is always cheerful in her approach and willing to step in and lend a hand with any problems when necessary.'

Nomination by Darrach Teague

Bernadette Byrne, Cpl Merrion Square

'Bernadette is such a positive person around Merrion Square, always on hand to help for any queries or questions, so engaging with candidates in reception and so professional in her role' '�

'She is a breath of fresh air who goes over and above her job tasks every day.'

Nomination by Ida Renaud & Hazel O'Reilly Greer

Claudia Ciocca, Cpl Language Jobs

'Claudia is not only a great leader but also a powerful force of nature! Year after year, we hear stories about how much she has impacted the lives of everyone that worked here at our team'�. After almost 2 years of working next to her, I can surely tell you that she changed my life and that she daily encourages me to be a better version of me.'

Nomination by Bruno Ribeiro

Halyna Ratushnyak, Cpl Payroll

'Halyna is the embodiment of hard work paying off. She has faced difficult situations and never lets it affect her attitude in work. Halyna is brilliant at her job. She is a wonderful colleague and she is generous with her ideas. She makes me want to be a better human being and I am always happy to see her.'

Nomination by Siobhan Kelly

Deborah Crilly, Cpl Sales & Retail

'Debs is a genuine, kind hearted, hardworking lady who is a brilliant mentor and manager as well as a brilliant recruiter. She has been through a lot in her life through a very serious illness in which she got through her treatment and bounced back to tell the tale, she is a wonderful asset to Cpl and a super role model.'

Nomination by Lisa Holt

Emma Hanlon, Cpl Group IT

'As one of the very few females to work on the IT team, Emma represents a very positive female role model. Emma is a very hard worker and gives 110% and is very intelligent. A very patient and polite lady. A bonus point should go to her for putting up with the lads in group IT over the years.'

Nomination by Ronan Purcell

Gillian Owens, Group Marketing

'Gillian is one of the most approachable, likeable and capable people in the business. She has taken on so much and always has a smile on her face and time for everyone. Hands down, the best event's organiser I've ever seen. Her kind-hearted nature makes her a pleasure to work with' '� 'Competent, very engaging and thoroughly diligent in her role. Very kind in her interactions with all.'

Nomination by Edel Murphy & Seana Lynch

Jennifer Navan, Cpl Science & Engineering

'I have been with Cpl for a very long time and have seen people come and go but a few make a real impact. Jenny Navan is most certainly one of the few that serves as a real example not only all of Cpl's Core Values but also a real role model, emulated by all those around her. I do not work directly with Jenny myself, however, this proves how accessible and unrestricted her influence really is. From many observations I have had over the years, Jenny is one who ensures positivity and feeling good about being yourself to all around her. She encourages and inspires you to improve yourself. '

Nomination by Darina Osborne

Lauren Redmond, Cpl Office Support

'Lauren is a complete all-rounder. I don't know how she fits everything into one day. She is eternally positive, driven, and never fails to provide support to not only her own team, but anybody who needs it within the business. She handles her manic workload with grace and her time management skills are simply unbelievable. The way she has grown her career within CPL is inspirational, I can't think of anyone who deserves this more.'

Nomination by Eimear Murphy

Libby Kelly, Cpl Technology

'Libby is passionate about her team and encourages growth, fairness and is always looking out for us. The people management element is very demanding, but Libby is always available to advise and support and has great patience and I really admire that. We have a very positive culture in our team and it is down to changes and influence Libby has made'�She is a great mum, a very hard worker and a role model for others who don't think it is possible.'

Nomination by Janet Smullen

Lisa Holt, Cpl Finance & Legal

'Inspiring; hardworking; leads by example; always makes time for those around her; has a fantastic sense of humour; makes you feel genuinely valued and heard - just some of the reasons Lisa is such a fantastic role model. Too often those in leadership/management positions go without the thanks or recognition they deserve. They are too busy taking care of those around them!'

Nomination by Caroline Leahy

Lorna Conn, CFO

'Lorna presents as a very genuine person, who works hard, sticks to her principals and is not scared to put her family first. To be fair she is among great company as I genuinely believe this is a commonality among a lot of the women in Cpl especially at a leadership level, and it is a very empowering environment to be in for men and women in our teams, who can see its OK to be successful & be yourself.'

Nomination by Georgina Kirwin

Niamh O'Connor, Group HR

'Niamh is an absolute dynamo in Cpl and I have great admiration for how she rolls out key programmes including GPTW & Green Team initiatives which genuinely make Cpl a better place to work. Niamh brings huge energy, passion and focus to her work which is infectious and highly motivating. Thanks for all your great work Niamh!'

Nomination by Susan Deegan

Rebecca Smith, Group IT

'Rebecca has worked with Cpl for a number of years now and is one of the most positive, forward-thinking people I have ever met. Her pleasant, approachable and confident manner has allowed her to train and inspire more junior members of staff and alongside her sense of humour and questionable knowledge of geography makes her a pleasure to work alongside each day''� 'Bright, hardworking and always willing to support colleagues. Real leadership skills.'

Nomination by Keith O'Connor & Anne Heraty

Sharon Vize, HR Director

'Sharon is probably the most positive role model in my life. Sharon is honest, empathetic, fair, ballsy, selfless, straight talking and one of the funniest and entertaining people I know. I skip to work every day knowing that Sharon is our leader. Sharon is a very special lady and Cpl would be a lot different without her as would her teams. She is has instilled such confidence in me and my ability. She is always there to navigate and challenge thinking. She is a wonderfully supportive mother to her kids and I think it's especially nice that she gives up so much of her time to give back through special Olympics.'

Nomination by Niamh O'Connor

Siobhan Kelly, Cpl Office Support

'Siobhan is a true ambassador of Cpl. Her determination drive and respect for others is her trademark. While being an excellent recruiter, Siobhan also finds time to run the Sports & Social Committee pretty much on her own always with her colleagues' satisfaction and wellbeing in mind. Siobhan really makes a difference and goes the extra mile.'

Nomination by David Martins

Happy International Women's Day to all our candidates, clients and thank you to all the women in Cpl for making it such a great place to work. Interested in joining our team? Learn more about working at Cpl.