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Secrets for success from 3 Irish businesswomen

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The theme for this year's International Women's Day is 'Balance for Better'. This theme was chosen to highlight the message that 'a balanced world is a better world.' To encourage a more balanced and inclusive world, and indeed workplace, it's important to celebrate men and women's achievements. Big and small.

At Cpl, we work with inspirational women every day.This International Women's Day we will be celebrating across all our offices. I've also asked three successful Irish businesswomen to share their secrets for success, to inspire women and men to reach their full potential - whatever that may be.

Clodagh Logue Fitbit | Cpl

Clodagh Logue, Vice President, International HR, Fitbit

Clodagh joined Fitbit in October 2015 to lead HR for Fitbit's growing international business, including its EMEA HQ in Dublin, locations across Europe, China and the Asia Pacific region.

In this role, Clodagh works with the HR and business leadership of the company to design and implement the necessary strategies and programs to support the company's organisational growth, structure and development. She is also responsible for the global People Operations function.

She has built a 20-year career across a wide spectrum of HR experiences, working in Ireland and internationally, including several years in Australia.

  1. We only have one life. Remember that work is only one part of that life. At times, that might need to be a big part, but as you strive for balance, remember there is no 'work-life' and 'another life'; there is only 'your life'.
  2. Most people come to work every day aiming to do their best. I've found that when I approach challenges with that in mind, it's easier to find solutions and understand motivations behind certain actions.
  3. If you are in a position of influence or leadership, your actions speak loudly and shape the relationships you build as well as your personal brand.
  4. Don't fear risk. Trying new things and feeling uncomfortable is where learning happens.
  5. Be fair and honest with yourself and with others and try to keep a sense of humour in the good times and bad!

Sinead Brennan | Cpl

Dr Sinéad Brennan, Director, HR, OD & Learning, National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA)

Dr Sinéad Brennan is Director, HR, OD & Learning at the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) which provides a range of asset and liability management services to Government.

Sinead joined the NTMA in 2014 and is responsible for all human resource and learning activity across the Agency (including NAMA, SBCI & HBFI).

Prior to joining the NTMA, she was Head of Human Resources with KBC Bank Ireland and previously HR Director with BDO, Ireland. Sinead has also worked in HR roles in the software sector and in HR consultancy services. She holds a PhD from DCU where her research focused on leadership development. Sinéad also leads the gender balance initiative within the NTMA.

  1. Take opportunities. Don't be afraid to say yes even if it seems like a stretch for you.
  2. Set the right big goals but be sure to set smaller key milestones.
  3. Surround yourself with great people that balance out the areas where you're not so great.
  4. Keep learning. It's the key to staying relevant.
  5. On the toughest of days remember, this day too will pass.
  6. If you don't love it, leave it.

Jayne Ronayne Talivest | Cpl

Jayne Ronayne - CEO, Talivest

Jayne Ronayne is CEO of Talivest. Talivest is a cloud-based engagement and insights solution used by customers like Cpl, Voxpro and Jameson.

Jayne has been featured as one of Ireland's Top 30 under 30 two years in a row and was previously an ambassador for the Sandbox Dublin community hub.

This is Jayne's second start-up company which originally started in the middle of University after working for a summer in the Entrepreneur of the Year programme in EY Ireland.

Jayne is an active member of the start-up community globally and is on the board for Cork's newest office hub 'Republic of Work'.

  1. Control the controllable. There's only so much one can and should control. Focus on making decisions that you can impact instead of controlling things that are out of control.
  2. Expect roadblocks. We have heard it before, but success doesn't come to those who wait. Expect that things will not go to plan, embrace the challenges as anyone who is where they are is down to perseverance and resilience!
  3. Take a break. The best ideas and decisions can come when you are out of the 'office zone'. Sometimes my best ideas come to me in the middle of a Yoga class or when I'm driving.
  4. Get specific. The best analogy I can use is driving a car without a map or a destination. you will end up nowhere! Be specific with your goals and work backwards from where you want to be!
  5. Take no prisoners. Your time is valuable! You would be surprised how many people are happy to meet for a meeting without any action afterwards. Ask yourself every time you meet someone professionally what the outcome is.

Thanks to Jayne, Sinead and Clodagh for sharing their insights with us this International Women's Day.

If your business is looking to improve their 'balance for better' get in touch with one of ourFuture of Work specialists, or download our free whitepaper: 'The Gender Gap: Why is it happening and what can we do about it?'