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Breakfast Morning: Using Health as a Strategic Enabler

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On Wednesday, 3rd of April, Cpl Future of Work Institute hosted an insightful breakfast briefing on 'Using Health as a Strategic Enabler' in the Cpl WeWork office.

The breakfast event was introduced by Barry Winkless, Cpl Strategy Director, and consisted of an emphatic and impactful presentation by keynote speaker Geoff McDonald, followed by a panel discussion with Cpl CEO Anne Heraty.

Geoff is a former Global VP of HR at Unilever spoke about using health as a strategic enabler in business. Geoff spoke about his own experiences with mental health issues, how he overcame these issues and the stigma in the workplace around mental health problems.

He stressed the need for businesses to look after employee's mental wellbeing, not just on special days of the year such as Mental Health Awareness Day, but every day.

Geoff also highlighted the need for business leaders to spearhead and support initiatives for them to be successful. Without genuine support from the top, implementation will struggle.

Geoff's talk was followed by a panel Q&A with himself and Anne Heraty, founder & CEO of the Cpl Group.

The talk was moderated by Cpl Future of Work Institute Wellness Consultant Elysia Hegarty, topics included:

  • Resetting how we think of performance
  • Wellness at work
  • Abolishing mental health stigma
  • Embracing good employee health and wellbeing as a strategic enabler

Organisations need to be challenged to make health and wellbeing a strategic priority - we have spent millions if not billions in creating safe workplaces; the time has come to create healthy workplaces.But what is our role as leaders in creating such workplaces?

Looking after your employee's wellbeing

Elysia Hegarty is a Workplace Wellness Consultant with the Future of Work Institute, a Cpl company. She offers support to businesses in understanding, designing, implementing and measuring their wellness programme as well as embedding it in their culture.

For a confidential conversation on how you can improve your employee's wellbeing or future Cpl Future of Work events please email[email protected]