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Temp & Contract Finance Jobs: An Alternative Route to Success

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We all know how hard it is to find the “right” career path. When you think about choosing a definitive career path, it can be daunting as you’re effectively choosing what direction your life will take.

If you’re starting a career in finance or want to switch from another career into finance, it can be especially daunting – but it doesn’t have to be.

My own career journey wasn’t a straight forward one. I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from DIT and before joining the Cpl Finance recruitment team I lived abroad for a few years. I now use my previous experiences to help others find the job opportunities they really want.

It’s no secret that it’s a competitive job market at the moment, which means it can be tough to find the exact job you want or a company that’s a good cultural fit. Temp and contract jobs are often ignored, but they can be a great path to professional success.

Developing your finance career in a contract role

There are several different avenues to get where you want to in life; not everything has to be achieved the “normal” way. Temp and Contract work can be a real dark horse for anyone trying to get a foothold in Dublin’s Finance industry.

It’s easy to have reservations about taking on a 6-month temp position or a short-fixed term contract instead of holding out for a permanent position, but they can be great gateways into a fulfilling career.

The potential of a temp finance role

Perm roles can entail long interview processes and require strenuous ‘Key Requirements’ while contract and temp roles usually have a much quicker interview process. In many cases, you can be placed in a new role within a couple of days. A temp or contract job is no longer a temporary fix.

After your contract ends even if you don’t get an offer to stay on you’ve learnt something new.

You are developing your skills, building your experience and professional connections. Or, you could get the contract extended or even better be made permanent altogether.

Why companies favour contract workers

Take it from a company’s point of view. It can be time-consuming and expensive for companies to bring in new talent. As a result, more and more places are giving out 6-month contracts with a view to going permanent.

Over those 6 months employees learn about the company, the people, what the position entails while the company can see if you’re a good cultural fit – saving you both a lot of time and effort.

These types of contract can be a great alternative route on your career path and place you in positions you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Learn on the job

Loans and part-time jobs are the traditional way to go while studying to get accounting or finance qualifications.

Take the industry I work in, Accounting, if you want to qualify ACA/ACCA/CIMA it is a full-on process. With contract or temp positions, you can learn on the job, putting your studies into practice, and you can often work hours that suit you, giving you ample time to study.

Ideally, everyone wants to find a permanent position they’re passionate about, that’s the end goal.  Some will be able to position themselves where they want to be when they want to be; others will have to be more creative.

Temp/Contract roles can be a game changer. If played right, you can scale to the same heights as others, we can all get to the same place just depends on which way you want to go.

Finding the right Finance job opportunity for you

Temp jobs and Contract jobs within the Finance sector vary from 4-week accounts assistant temp to a 12-month fixed term accountant role and everything in between.

We are a candidate-driven market, companies need employees constantly, nothing gets done without them, but finding the right the company or career opportunity for you can still be a struggle.

The Cpl Finance team can help you to find these jobs and get into them, we will be with you through the whole process, from start to finish. It’s always important to have someone in your corner and that’s what we’re here for.

Any questions or if you’d like to submit your CV please get in touch.