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Cpl launch Sustainability group #CplGreenWorks

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Earlier this year at the annual Cpl party, CEO Anne Heraty, announced that Cpl becoming a more sustainable business was one of our top goals for 2019. Over the past months, a green team has been created and efforts have begun to make Cpl a more sustainable place to work. On May 29th, Cpl officially launchedCpl Sustainability and the Cpl Green Works Green Team.

Anne Heraty opened the launch, followed by a training session on effective recycling and reducing waste by VOICE. The event was concluded with an address from Cpl Green Works Co-Chair Susan Deegan who highlighted some of the small changes Cpl has made so far to become more sustainable.

Cpl Sustainability Green Works green team

Cpl Sustainability - Green Works

Sustainable living and working encapsulate the Cpl Core Values of Respect, Accountability and Empowerment.

  • Respect for our environment and our future.
  • Accountability for our actions
  • And empowering each other to make a difference for the better

By introducing Cpl Sustainability and the Cpl Green Works group, we are hoping to work together to make a real impact and motivate our clients, candidates and local communities to do the same.

In a recent internal poll, 68% of Cpl employees stated that it was important to them that Cpl is an environmentally friendly place to work.

Over the next coming weeks and months, we will be introducing a range of initiatives to reduce waste, water usage and energy and become a leader in sustainability.

This will require a commitment to changing our habits and clear sustainability goals and policies. All of which will be shared with you as we progress.

Not only is it the right thing for business, but it's also the right thing to do for you, your families and future generations.

Learn more about sustainability at Cpl

Updates on progress and initiatives will be announced regularly, for more information please contact [email protected]