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Digital Marketing job trends 2019

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As a recruiter, I often get asked what the job market is like and what marketing skills and experience employers are looking for. Companies everywhere are putting an increased focus on digital and that’s not changing anytime soon, which is good news for anyone looking for a digital marketing or marketing job.

What marketing skills are in demand for 2019

For 2019 we are seeing a spike in the need for B2B demand generation marketers, in direct response to the booming Technology sector in Ireland.

Tech giants such as Sage, HubSpot and Salesforce and indigenous Irish SaaS start-ups are all crying out for lead gen skills.

Equally, there has been an increase in demand for:

  • Inbound marketing and specialist skills such as SEO, PPC
  • Experience with marketing automation tools such as Marketo and Hubspot
  • Google Adwords and Analytics certified candidates
  • Marketing professionals with analytical skills and the ability to perform reports and show marketing spend is generating revenue

Candidates with these skills are securing significant salaries and have the edge over traditional marketing generalists with the same number of years’ experience.

Entry level marketing jobs in Ireland

Graduate or entry level roles are getting more competitive, so you need to set yourself apart from other grads more than ever.

As well as a strong qualification, a couple of months of practical experience, be it an internship or college placement, is incredibly valuable.

Companies such as Kerry Group, Glanbia and the DAA offer great graduate roles. If you are looking for a role in content or design, be sure to practice as much as you can. Set up your own blog or website, do some freelance work and build your portfolio.

Graduate to entry-level salaries can be anything from 25k to 35k on a higher scale. Good entry level marketing graduate areas would be FMCG, pharma and professional services.

What sectors are hiring?

Companies across the board are placing a bigger emphasis on marketing. Big areas of growth for 2019 are Tech and SaaS, FMCG, retail and professional service companies.

With regards to salaries across the different sectors, generally smaller companies or start-ups pay slightly lower, whereas technology, financial services and professional service industries tend to offer higher salaries and benefits packages.

Other popular digital marketing jobs

Content Marketing – Content Marketing Specialists are highly sought after as businesses are realising that content is key to securing customer engagement, growing brand awareness and ultimately increasing sales.

eCommerce – With Ireland alone boasting annual e-commerce sales of €12.3bn and retail giants such as Primark considering a move towards online sales, eCommerce is a key area of growth with candidates in high demand.

Social Media Marketing Jobs – Companies are realising the potential of targeted Social Media campaigns. As a result, candidates with experience in running Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram campaigns are in demand.

High demand roles do attract higher salaries, however, the highest paying roles would be senior level positions such as Head of Marketing, Demand Generation roles or Director of Marketing roles. Depending on the company these types of marketing jobs offer anywhere from  80 -150k.

How to secure a marketing role in 2019

The good news is salaries are increasing, people are hiring, and marketers are in high demand. However, clients are also expecting more from marketing hires at every level, and competition is significant.

Tips to place you in good footing are:

  • Focus on upskilling, research some courses in the skill that you are lacking
  • Do some freelance work where possible to build your practical experience
  • Above all, have a brilliant marketing CV tailored to the roles you’re applying for

Find your next Marketing role

Within Cpl, our Marketing recruitment team works with a broad variety of clients and companies and place people in marketing roles across Ireland daily.

Some of the titles we recruit for include SEO specialists, Marketing Executives, Digital Marketing Executives, Communications Managers & Executives, eCommerce roles, Content Marketing roles, Demand Generation roles, Social Media jobs and more.

To learn more about Marketing job opportunities get in touch, I’d be delighted to advise: [email protected]