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Your guide to get temp work quickly

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If you’ve never done temp work before it can seem confusing or difficult to sign up for, but in reality, it’s a really simple process.

Most commonly, temp work is suitable for people who are looking to experience a new type of job, are looking for short-term work (for example a summer job) or for people seeking a better work-life balance. Temp work is also popular with people who have just moved to Ireland and need a job quickly.

If you’re considering a temp job but don’t know where to start simply follow our step by step guide to getting a temp job quickly.

1. Contact a reputable temp agency

It goes without saying that it’s vital to choose an agency that has the right temp jobs for you. When picking your temp job agency check out testimonials from other candidates who have had success with finding temporary and short-term work.

Asking your friends if they can recommend a recruiter they had a good experience with can also be really helpful. Once you’ve found the right agency arrange a meeting with a recruiter to hear what temping entails and to get an idea of what might work for you. If you’re interested in contacting one of our specialist office support temp recruiters you can find all their details on our team page.

2. Organise the documents you’ll need

To get set up for temp work and get working quickly it’s important to have the below basics:

  • A PPS number
  • A bank account
  • An up to date CV
  • Proof you can work in Ireland

If you’ve just moved to Ireland and are unsure about any of the above our temp team can help you get set up, and advise on finding somewhere to live, how to write a good CV and what kind of temp jobs are available.

3. Prepare to meet your temp recruiter

As well as having all the above have a think about what type of temp jobs you’d be suited to. Are you looking to get experience in a specific sector? Are you on a career break and open to any kind of work? How flexible are you with hours – what would your ideal working week look like?

If you have a clear idea of what you want from temping, you’ll get set up much quicker and be placed in a job best suited to you.

Interest in temping in Ireland this summer?

If you’ve considered all the above and are interested in temping I manage a team of 5 temp recruiters who specialise in Office Support temp jobs and would be delighted to assist you with any queries and ultimately help you get a job!

Just get in touch or you can view all our current live Office Support jobs on our Admin job page.

This blog was originally written in August 2018 and has since been updated and republished.