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Sustainability at Work: Cpl 'Cut it Out' Week

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Plastic Free July is a worldwide campaign which aims to reduce single-use plastic waste in our everyday lives by providing easy-to-follow resources.

To support International Plastic Free July, Cpl Green Works Committee hosted 'Cut It OUT Week' with the aim to encourage Cpl staff to be cut out unnecessary plastics from our work and home lives.

There was a number of competitions on throughout the week to encourage staff to take part in changing for good - including a competition to encourage reusable coffee cups and a quiz to educate employees on sustainable recycling.

Single-use plastics is a major problem due to their mass consumption, incorrect disposal and long lifecycle - a coffee cup takes 30 years to break down, a plastic straw will take 200 years and a plastic drinks bottle will take 450 years.

Reducing single use plastic is not only the right thing for business, but it's also the right thing to do for you, your families and future generations.


Updates on progress and initiatives will be announced regularly, for more information please contact [email protected]