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Remote marketing jobs you can do anywhere

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Flexible working, and indeed working from home, is a hot topic with increasing numbers of our candidates looking for working options outside of the traditional 9-5.

The good news is although it can throw up certain challenges for employers and employees, as technology evolves and online communication improves the marketing industry will only continue to grow and is an industry in which remote working works very well.

Marketers are creative – being chained to a desk doesn’t always suit, and for employers a remote working option widens the talent pool.

After all, is it necessary we all sit in the same traffic at 8 am and 6 pm?

From an employer point of view, and from speaking to our clients, the trust factor is key – to know that when the employee is “working from home” they are working, not watching Netflix.

There is also the concern that not working in person with your team can create a sense of detachment. This can be eased by making yourself available to hop on a catch-up call, honour the deadlines as set out and by being responsive when contacted.

All these little things will help you stay a “visible” part of the team. If you like the idea of working remotely, here are some of the most suitable types of work to do from home or anywhere in the world:

Content Marketing & Copywriting

Content marketing is a role that didn’t exist not that long ago but is now in demand across almost all sectors. Some examples of clients we work with to find content marketers include social media companies, large tech and finance companies and smaller start-ups that are looking for innovative copywriting talent.

To succeed as a good content creator or copywriter you’ll need great communication skills, be a good writer, be familiar with SEO and digital marketing trends and be able to meet deadlines. Content marketing is well suited to remote working due to the nature of the role. If you have a laptop, a Wi-Fi connection and a clear brief you should be able to do this work anywhere in the world.

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Digital Marketing

Marketing is all about results, measured by KPIs such as open rates, impressions, click-through rates, shares, website visits etc, depending on the channel.

To be a successful digital marketer you’ll need organisational skills to map out your strategy ahead of time, identify the appropriate KPIs (what are you measuring and why?) and timelines to help keep you on track. Again, this can be done just as easily from home as it can a coffee shop or an office.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing allows companies to connect with their audiences, build their brands, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

Increasing numbers of our clients are seeing the value of incorporating social media into their marketing strategy and again, it is not necessarily an office-based role.

To succeed in social media, you’ll need be a social native who can efficiently identify your audience and the end goal (more followers, engagement, increased sales), create great content that resonates with this audience and be flexible. Social media isn’t necessarily 9-5 so being able to tweak posts and monitor in real-time can be a big part of the role.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design is another creative role that can be undertaken at home (or anywhere in the world with a laptop.) Again, you’ll need to be self-motivated to set your own hours and work to deadlines, you’ll need to ensure you’re using the best possible software and programs.

Immerse yourself in new trends and tools, join online communities and forums and decide what is best for the type of projects you’ll be working on. When looking for graphic designer roles, a CV generally isn’t enough. Employers want to see what you can do, and a portfolio is key for this. I’d also recommend creating a Behance profile, a website and your own professional social media pages to showcase your work

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The goal of a PR strategy is to maintain a certain public image of a company. This can include managing negative situations surrounding the brand, generating coverage and brand awareness.

To be a PR consultant you’ll need excellent writing skills, research skills, some digital marketing ability, and a strong network.

In order to work remotely, you’ll need the tenacity and self-motivation to work under pressure and to deadlines and be responsive to calls and emails outside of the 9 – 5.

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There are plenty of opportunities to work from home for a marketer if you have the right experience and the self-motivation to drive yourself. Skills are great but if you can’t communicate or provide the work on time working from home won’t work.

Some other key tips would be always ensuring you have access to the right equipment and files. A lot of people find having a set space or ‘workspace’ set up in their home helpful (rather than working from bed – although that can work too if you’re disciplined.)

If you’re interested in learning more about flexible marketing roles please get in touch, I’d be delighted to advise.