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Workplace Wellness: Time to Get Strategic Whitepaper

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The wellness paradigm is shifting and evolving into a multibillion-dollar industry with entrepreneurs, investors and organisations focusing on healthier workforces. We are on the cusp of a more impactful and holistic approach to how organisations view and deploy wellness as a true strategic enabler to drive a firm’s overall performance, attraction and retention of a skilled talent pool.

Cpl’s Future of Work Institute has released a whitepaper on the topic. The whitepaper seeks to:

  • Identify the drivers that are shaping the change of workplace wellness programmes,

  • Explore how employers can benefit from these changes through the lens of the employee-employer journey

  • Highlight why organisations need to make wellness a strategic priority

Download wellness whitepaper

The Future of Work Institute, a Cpl Company, is an initiative that explores, questions and helps design future work solutions with organisations. It specialises in Creative Leadership, Strategic Wellness, Employer Value Proposition and more. Learn more on the Future of Work Institute.