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Cpl's Most Popular Career Advice Blogs of 2019

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What jobs pay the most? How can I prepare for a job interview? What annual leave am I entitled to? Our most popular blogs this year covered a broad range of topics and queries that our recruiters listen to and answer every day.

Find this year’s top career advice articles below and if you’re interested in a new job in 2020 you can view all our live opportunities across almost every sector on our job board.

Preparing for a Job Interview

Competency based interview questions

An extensive guide to what interview questions you might get asked whether in a phone interview, one on one interview or group. A must read and research for anyone who needs to do pre-interview prep.

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Interview Questions – what do you do in your spare time?

“What do you do in you spare time” might sound like an easy question, but sometimes it’s the easiest interview questions that can catch you off guard. Find some sample answers in this blog, as well as some information on what the interviewer is really looking for.

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16 good questions to ask at a job interview

At the end of most interviews you’ll be asked if you have any questions about the role or company you’d like to ask. This article fills you in on what’s appropriate and what’s to be avoided.

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Practical Job Search Advice

Leaving your job your p45 explained

At the start of 2019 Ireland’s P45 system moved online for the first time. This guide explains what this change means for employees and how to get your P45 and ensure you aren’t emergency taxed.

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What is emergency tax?

Closely linked to the above, this blog outlines how to register your employment with the Revenue and avoid any emergency tax issues.

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Your definitive annual leave guide

An easy to follow guide that tells you what holiday leave you’re entitled to and all of Ireland’s public holidays.

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Salary Information & Trends

Which sectors are growing in Ireland?

Ireland’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the EU. Find out which sectors are most prosperous and where the job opportunities are in this blog, which is one of our top read of the year.

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Highest paying jobs in Ireland 2019

The best paid jobs across all sectors, from IT and marketing to pharma and sales, in Ireland for 2019.

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Most in demand jobs in Ireland 2019

This year has most definitely been a candidate’s market and our recruiters have noticed an increase in demand for talented people almost across the board. These are top roles and skills that employers are looking to fill.

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Throughout the year we’ve noticed a big increase in appetite for both practical information and information on Ireland’s top hiring trends and insights.

If you’re looking for more intel into Ireland’s top sectorial trends or advice on how to secure the best role for you, you can browse our Career Insights Centre or all live job opportunities here.