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Benefits that make employees happy

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The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. Being happy at work has always been important, but in today's working world, where the demand for top talent is increasingly competitive, ensuring employees are content is a vital retention tool.

Having happy employees can result in higher productivity, better engagement, lower turnover rates and will also help to attract employees. But how can you make ensure people are happy in their roles?

For our 2020 Salary Guide, we asked over 1,000 employees in Ireland about their working preferences. Taking information from these results here are our 4 top tips on how to ensure your employees are happy in 2020.

The Most in Demand Benefits for 2020

1. Flexible Working

The desire for flexible working isn't going anywhere. According to our Salary Guide, for the second year in a row flexible working hours is one of the key factors that attracts and keeps top talent.

Flexible working can improve work-life balance and make things easier for families, employees with commitments outside of work and employees who commute. It can also help your business to attract and retain employees in an increasingly competitive labour market.

One of the main enablers of flexible working is technology. Several apps (such as Slack or Microsoft Teams) now allow workers to remain connected and productive from laptops, tablet computers and smartphones.

Similarly, business people are making more use of solutions that allow them access to files and information remotely through Cloud applications.

2. Competitive Salaries

When asked in our survey 'what would most likely make you leave your current job?' A good salary was cited as more important to employees than any other benefit.

It's a candidate market at the moment and although, according to our figures, there have been no major spikes in salaries candidates do have more job options. To attract top talent a good salary is needed, whereas a good culture and benefits are what will keep your best people.

Increasing employee salaries is not just a move to make them happier, but an investment toward a more productive and high-quality business. If you're unsure of what salaries are the norm in your industry you can find full information in our 2020 Salary Guide.

3. Career Progression Opportunities

Followed by wages, a lack of visible career progression is the second-highest contributing factor to people leaving their jobs. Talented professionals want to work for a company that will help them build and advance in their career. Offer them training or a progression plan to ensure employees are engaged and always developing their skills.

Continuous learning, whether formal or informal, is vital to keep employees up to date in an ever-evolving world of work and offers long term benefits to employee and employer. By providing comprehensive training and mentoring you'll prepare your business for the future of work, attract employees who are eager to improve and keep your best employees by providing them with challenges and the potential to grow.

Managing employee perceptions of career development opportunities is key to enhancing engagement and loyalty among employees. Professional development and career advancement make business sense. It's an investment that can deliver huge returns for your staff and your business.

4. Meaningful Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness initiatives do more than just promote healthy habits. They show employees that their employers truly care about their health and well-being.

Giving your people access to health and wellness programs can increase productivity and reduces costs related to sick leave. Be careful though, according to Cpl's Future of Work wellness expert Elysia Hegarty if you have a one size fits all programs your workplace wellness program is likely to fail.

She suggests to 'step away from the generic programs that are rolled out in hundreds of businesses and focus on developing one that works for your employees and of course, your business. The best way to understand this is to measure it, ask your employees and involve them.'

By offering your employees with salaries reflective of the market, flexible working options, career progression opportunities and initiatives that show you care for their well being you won't just be making your employees happy, you'll also be creating a more productive and enjoyable work environment.

If you'd like to learn more about what employees want in 2020 or current salary trends you can download our 2020 salary guide or get in touch with one of our consultants who'd be delighted to advise.