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Boosting Engagement & Productivity Through Strategic Wellness

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Over the last number of weeks, the world as we know it has changed. Many organisations have been forced to implement working from home policies, embrace technology and virtual meetings to maintain as much 'business as usual' as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With so much change comes a variety of new and unprecedented challenges. Many organisations are struggling with maintaining engagement and productivity, but there are ways to boost engagement and productivity - even in the most unusual times.

Protecting the health and well-being of employees is vital, and from a business perspective will indirectly impact engagement and productivity. Having a well thought out strategic approach to providing wellness supports remotely is an important business priority at this time.

Below are a number of reasons why a wellness strategy is important for business & a link to register for our upcoming webinar on how you can implement techniques to lead effectively while looking after your employees.

Resilient Workers make a Resilient Business

Resilience is key in times of disruption, challenge and stress. Resilient people are positive, optimistic and tackle difficulties and challenges head on. They see problems as opportunities and search for solutions. They also take a proactive approach to their own personal health and well-being.

Research also shows that the more resilient a person is the less at risk they are of developing mental and physical illness. Resilience also breeds. The more your organisation is filled with positivity and optimism the better engaged and productive they are.

Healthy Employees are Engaged Employees

A survey conducted by the National Business Group on Health highlights that access to well-structured wellness programmes drives engagement markers such as improved eNPS, relationships at work and job performance.

As highlighted in our recent whitepaper'the connection between employee engagement and wellness is clear - a happy healthy employee paves the way for an engaged employee.'

Healthy employees are engaged employees and engaged employees are good for business. In the current climate, maintaining engagement is challenging but critical.

Wellness Enhances Productivity

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine states that 93% of workplace wellness return in the first year is productivity gains and not reduced costs. Taking a strategic approach to wellness in times of crisis and challenge is an important business decision primarily the health of the employee, but also the health of the business.

Productivity is being challenged right now with many organisations forced to implement remote working as part of their crisis management. If there has ever been a need for implementing an employee well-being strategy this is it.

There is a Need to Raise Morale

Everyone's resilience is put to the test right now. Employees, leaders and businesses alike. In this time of uncertainty, there has never been more of a need to boost morale and keep spirits high. Wellness programmes are in most cases seen to provide that relief from stress which we are all craving right now.

Engaging employees in social wellness-related campaigns could be the therapy they need right now to keep spirits and productivity high. Focusing on wellness is no longer 'fluffy.' It's a key business strategy that can boost morale, engagement and productivity.

Your employee's engagement is directly linked to different aspects of their health and well-being from what they eat, to activity and their social interactions.

When any of these elements of an employees life are impacted productivity, engagement and morale will be lower.

How you manage this situation and help your employees manage stress will have a significant impact on your relationship with your employees, as well as your overall employer brand.

A good wellness strategy will have timelines, communications and implementation plans and tie in with revised business strategies. It will measure engagement and productivity as well as employee's personal well-being.

This is not a time for throw-at-the-wall non-stick wellness initiatives. We need to be strategic & we're here to help.

Cpl's Future of Work Institute invites you to join a complimentary Webinar Series 'Leading Through Times of Change' which will focus on a number of key topics to support you as a senior leader in an organisation through times of change.

Click here to register for 'The Resilient Leader' facilitated by Workplace Wellness Lead, Elysia Hegarty.