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What Brings Joy to Cpl Employees & Tips to Improve Happiness at Work

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We recently asked a selection of people around the Cpl Group “what makes you happy at work?”

Little did we know that the world of work would change so dramatically. Unemployment levels have risen dramatically, and remote working is now the norm for companies that are still operating.

What’s interesting from the answers below is that the reasons remain valid, they’ve just become attainable in different (more virtual) ways.

For example, many of our employees mentioned work friends and making a difference in people’s lives. Luckily within Cpl, we’re still in the position to help people find jobs or advise on what is happening in the market.

We’re also lucky to be set up to work remotely and interact with our work friends and colleagues daily, just in a more digital way.

Here is what brings Cpl employees joy, and some inspirational tips that we hope bring some joy into your own day:

Affi Khan, CEO Cpl Specialist Talent, UK

Having a sense of purpose brings me joy, especially a purpose that aligns my family, career, health and financial goals altogether.

If you’re looking to improve your happiness at work, I’d advise beginning with the end in mind. Focus intensely on why you are doing what you are doing. Work can’t always be fun and won’t be easy.

However, if we can stay focused on our end goal, we can justify the struggle by having our ‘WHY’ at the forefront of our minds.

Finally learn to be present, work intensely when you are working and when you are supposed to be with family or friends then don’t work, be with them, give them all of you, be present!

Alison Trueick, Group Marketing  

Working for a company that I believe in and having so many inspiring colleagues, especially female colleagues, is a huge part of what brings joy to the work I do.

However, the most significant source of happiness at work would be my teammates in Group Marketing, Niamh and Louise. You rarely see one without the other and they both make my workday (and usually my weekends) full of fun.

They are both incredibly talented at what they do and are just two of the inspiring colleagues I get to work with every day. Investing in workplace relationships, especially ones that have the potential to go beyond the office, is the most rewarding way of achieving happiness at work.

Meaningful relationships with your colleagues will not only make you more motivated, it will also make each day that little bit brighter, especially the stressful days.

Bruno Ribeiro, Cpl Language Jobs

Working as a recruiter, on a daily basis we make a huge impact on people’s life. These professionals are changing careers, and sometimes even moving country.

Finding this balance between the needs of our clients and the opportunities that would actually mean something to our candidates is the main reason why I do this job.

Every time that I get an email thanking me for their new job, or a recommendation on LinkedIn mentioning the way I handled their recruitment process, I get this feeling inside that what I do matters. That makes me so happy!

A top tip that I would share is to remember to smile! Even if you are on the phone! At the end of the day, do it for yourself. If you don’t feel like smiling while you are discussing a life-changing experience with someone, then it’s probably not really worth it.

I try to focus on the reason why we do this job, putting myself into my candidate’s shoes, and making sure that the experience they go through is the same that I would like to have. That normally makes me quite happy.

Kerri Morris, Proposals Co-ordinator at Cpl

My top tips to improve happiness at work are; get to know as many people as possible, it’s so important to have work friends.

Don’t get involved in office drama, it will only drag you down. Don’t take yourself too seriously – make sure you can accept and learn from your mistakes instead of getting hung up on them. Laugh as much as possible!

Make sure you enjoy what you’re doing, work is such a big part of our lives so it’s important to love what you do.

Whether you are working from home for the first time or your employment circumstances at work have changed unexpectedly we’re here to help.

We work with people every day to find them a career they’ll enjoy – upload your CV or browse our live jobs to see how we can help you. We will also be running a virtual Career Week from April 1stfind out the details and register today here.