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6 Simple Video Interview Mistakes to Avoid

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most job interviews are now either a phone interview or a video interview . Over the past few weeks, we have all become more accustomed to video calls and familiar with the pros and cons.

When preparing for a video job interview there are some common mistakes our consultants have noticed you should avoid.

As a job seeker, one of the most important things to remember is that, even though you are doing an interview at home, you need to approach the interview with the same professionalism as you would a face to face interview.

Below are our top tips for avoiding simple video interview mistakes and what to do instead. Have you been making any of these?



All of our consultants are currently working remotely. Please get in touch if you have any job queries or questions about an upcoming interview. For more articles on job interview advice you can visit the interview section of our career advice centre