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The Engaging Talent Podcast Ep 2: Does Workplace Wellness Really Work?

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The Engaging Talent Podcast is a four-part series on emerging talent solutions and insights from the world of work. From resilience and well-being to sustainability and tech, Cpl's Engaging Talent Podcast will keep you informed and your talent engaged.

On this week's podcast, Cpl Director Siobhan O'Shea is joined by Elysia Hegarty, Head of Wellness at the Cpl Future of Work Institute about the very topical issue of mental health and wellness and asks where does the responsibility lie and is the obsession with workplace wellness really benefiting employees?

In this episode, Elysia shares her own burnout story along with how to notice if your showing signs of burnout, the increase of 'technostress', tips to turn off and policies to help employees avoid work stressors outside of work hours along with the stressors of increased social isolation

Elysia has over 15 years' experience in Human Resource Management and Workplace Wellness. She partners with business leaders and employees to develop bespoke wellness models that promote a healthy workforce and help businesses attract and retain strong talent.

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