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The Most Adaptable Work from Home Jobs

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​The world of work has rapidly evolved in the last weeks, with most of us now, where possible, working from home.

Companies who never considered remote working before are now embracing these new ways of working, and industries where it was the norm are sharing their learnings and expertise.

This ‘forced flexibility’ will likely create a long-term change in work culture. As we all work from home companies are now forced to realise remote working as a viable and often times beneficial option.

Many of us are also experiencing what it’s like to work from home for the first time. The benefits, the challenges and whether it might suit us longer term.

With this in mind, we have gathered a selection of the most adaptable work from home jobs industry-wide to help you in your job search now and in the future.

Adaptable Work from Home Jobs

Digital Marketing Jobs (Content Creation, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Paid Media)

Cpl’s Group Marketing, including myself, are now working entirely from home proving how adaptable marketing roles are to remote working.

Currently, the most in-demand digital marketing skills are SEO, Google Ads, paid campaigns & Google Analytics. Those with a background in these areas are best positioned to find a work from home job, particularly if you have some graphic design skills too.

If you are a marketing professional with less experience in digital, there a number of free or reduced marketing courses available to help you upskill.

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Software Developer Jobs

The software development market has been a candidate driven industry for the past few years. This has pushed companies to adopt more flexible work when hiring engineers long before COVID-19.

If you’re keen to work remotely as a software developer an extensive grasp of engineering principles and computer science foundations will position you well.

Engineers are paid for the depth of skills they have rather than years’ experience so the more familiar you are with different programme languages, the better.

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Data Analytics Jobs

Like software developers, data professionals are perfectly equipped to work remotely from the comfort of their home.

Data science engineers are in high demand as companies look to use advanced analytical techniques like machine learning and AI to stay relevant and best equip themselves for an online workforce.

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Customer Service Jobs

Customer service jobs are another adaptable work from home role. Experience with customer service and excellent communication skills are the main requirements to work in this area.

Strong customer success specialists in tech companies are particularly relevant now as more businesses seek technologies and programs to help them work remotely. This type of role is a great way to develop transferrable skills which can be used in a future career.

Customer service professionals with an international language are particularly in demand and can in effect work from anywhere.

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Sales Jobs (Technical/Service Sales in particular)

Similar to Customer Service roles, Sales roles are built on strong communication. Once you have the right equipment and tools these jobs can be done comfortably from your own home.

Inside sales professionals are in high demand for 2020 and candidates with a second language are particularly desirable.

Salaries for these positions also tend to be more favourable to combat the candidate shortage and extensive demand for these skills.

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Accounting Jobs

Although not traditionally associated with working from home, finance professionals in areas including financial analyst, payroll and AP can adapt well to remote working.

Prior to COVID-19, many large accounting firms including Big 4 companies had introduced a work from home model for some of their staff showing a shift to more flexible working.

This is now proving beneficial as technologies are in already in place to help ease the transition.

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For now, working from home is our new norm. Many employers continue to hire and have adopted new communication platforms and virtual onboarding programs to help new starters.

The key message to remember is working from home shouldn’t change your role hugely, it’s simply a change to your working environment.

If you’re looking for some work from home tips, you can read our advice here or if you have any queries, please get in touch. We’re here to help.