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Video Interviews: Online Tools to Simplify the Process

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Despite the current uncertainty and economical challenges, many companies in Ireland are still hiring. This is particularly evident within the healthcare, science, technology, contact centre and light industrial industries.

To continue hiring effectively, and safely, it's no surprise that the popularity in live video interviews has increased significantly.

Within the recruitment industry, there are many tools and types of recruitment software that simplifies this process for employers.

We are fortunate to be well practised in online video interviews, particularly when hiring locally and internationally in the past, and have the video interview tools in place to simplify the process.

Within Cpl, all of our people are using video tools to connect with colleagues, clients and candidates. To streamline the interviewing process further, we are partnering with one of our technology vendors to provide video interviewing software, including a personalised app that our clients and candidates can use.

Our live video interview platform allows candidates and employers to connect in an online interview setting while providing consistency, automation, and a strong candidate experience.

This removes any complications or technical glitches and allows recruiters and hiring managers to focus on candidate skills and potential while maintaining a fair interview experience.

Some popular video tools include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans and Skype for Business.

Within Cpl, we are partnering with our tech video partner HireVue to offer a platform with a little bit extra.

Why is video recruitment software better than phone interviews?

Phone interviews are often used to screen candidates, particularly in the initial stages of the interview process. We continue to use phone interviews to qualify candidates' skills, experience and interests however video is imperative in progressing further in the interview process.

Phone interviews lack the ability to witness body language or lack a more in-depth personal connection. Phone interviews also limit the ability for candidates to present or show examples of their work.

Having more than one person interviewing on a phone interview can also be tricky and cumbersome for both recruiter and candidate.

What are the advantages of choosing video interviews?

For employers and candidates a video interview is:

  • More structured
  • More transparent
  • More personal
  • GDPR compliant

A video interview is also much quicker to organise than an in-person interview and opens up the talent pool globally.

Video interviews can be done on any device that enables video, but it's recommended to use a more specific piece of software aimed at interviewing. Particularly if you plan on doing a large number of video interviews.

Some popular video tools include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans and Skype for Business. Within Cpl, we have a bespoke video solution in conjunction with HireVue that offers:

  1. A native mobile app for candidates and recruiters or interviewer to use
  2. Manager tools: private chat, time-stamped comments, and ratings/recommendations
  3. The ability to record Live Interviews
  4. Share recorded live interviews through direct access links to gain diverse interview feedback for every stage of the interview process
  5. Branded email invitations with unique & private interview URLs
  6. Interview scheduling text reminders and branded meeting invitations
  7. Customisable introduction and closing videos

All interviews are also GDPR compliant and the only requirement for interviewer and interview is an internet connection. All of these features allow for the best candidate experience and limits the risk of tech glitches, unconscious bias or communication issues.

In short, having a good video interview process in place will ensure you don't miss out on any top talent during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Learn More About Video Interviews & Hiring Online

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you simplify the video interview process get in touch. One of our specialists would be happy to advise.

You can also download our free COVID-19 Employer Guide here.