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Working from Home with a 10-month-old During COVID-19

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​I have worked on Cpl’s temporary and contract Office Support team for the past 3 years. I usually work full days, 5 days per week in our main Percy Place Dublin office, but now, like most of the rest of the world, I am working from home.

I was already adapting to balancing work with my first child, now 10 months old, so when we were initially were told to work from home it was scary, but good news. After all, I was getting to spend the day at home, I would have no awful commute and I could spend every day with my baby!

In reality, even though all of the above is true and I adore seeing my little one every day, it has been a big change and an even bigger reality check.

Perception vs Reality, What I Have Learned so Far

The first week was tough. Along with the uncertainty, anxiety and mixed emotions I was also juggling minding my baby alongside my normal calls and work.

I felt like I was playing pass the parcel with my partner, but we slowly got into a routine. We began to schedule our diaries around each other, and it became a lot easier.

I calmed down, took a breath and realised this was helping. I started to apply these routines daily and I found that small changes have helped a lot.

It might be common sense but when you’re thrown into something unexpected it takes a few days to adapt. If you’re a parent I hope the below learnings help you too.

Tips for Working from Home with a Baby

Share the Responsibility

As a new first-time mammy, I often need to reign myself in from trying to do everything. Pandemic or not, I need to remind myself to delegate more of the housework and baby duties.

I’m lucky to have my partner here with me to help, but the point is to accept help. Share the load. This time is tough for all of us, so we need to work together!

Develop a Structure

I began to plan my calls around my little one’s naps and alternate them around my partner’s calls, who also works as a recruiter. Now we both have space and time for work as well as sharing our time for the baby.

Clean House, Clean Mind

Tidy the house the evening before you’re due to work, even if it’s only the room you will be working in. I find a messy house is a messy mind, so this helps me to focus better in the morning and start the day in a good headspace.

Get Dressed

Keep a routine and try to get up at the same time every morning. Before starting work, if you have the energy, have a shower, get yourself dressed and maybe even a bit of makeup. For me, this makes me feel a little better.


Get out for a walk for fresh air. Even if its for 20 mins that morning, or your lunch or in the evening after work. It will help clear your head and sleep too. Also take regular breaks, every hour or so step away from the computer for a few minutes.

Get to Bed Early

A good night of sleep is so important, especially with the added stresses and anxiety at the minute. Put your phone away and go to sleep.

Go Easy on Yourself!

My final piece of advice and I need to take this myself, is to go easy on yourself. You are not superwoman (or man) and you can only do so much. Find what works for you and your family – we will get through this together.

It’s an uncertain time at the moment, but Cpl recruitment consultants are still available and can be contacted remotely. Our clients are still hiring too, and we have numerous roles available across most industries.

If you have any queries regarding job opportunities or hiring solutions within the Office Support get in touch with Kristen. For any other queries you can contact [email protected] We’re here to help.