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How to Follow up After a Video Interview: What to Do and What Not to Do

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After an interview organised by your recruiter, whether its face to face, a phone interview or a video interview, the follow-up process is very similar.

This process and the timings surrounding it all depends on the job you’re looking for and the type of sector you work in. If you are interviewing virtually for roles the timeline should be clear and if it’s not, don’t be afraid to ask.

To give you an example, I work in the Office Support sector and after an initial meeting, if there is a particular job you are meeting for, there should be a turnaround of maximum 1 week before you hear back from the recruiter regarding the next stages.

This is quite common for permanent contracts, long term weekly contracts and fixed-term contracts. At this point, if you don’t hear I would follow up with an email or phone call.

Once you have registered with a recruiter – the follow-up and process as a whole will be much quicker. We can put you forward instantaneously (with your permission) for suitable roles.

Again, then if you haven’t heard from your recruiter or a hiring manager within 2 weeks I would advise getting in touch.

Overall, it really depends on what you have agreed with the recruiter and the job in question.

Below you’ll find some simple guidelines on sending thank you emails and how to follow up after a video interview during the COVID pandemic.

Video Interview Follow Up

What you should do after a video interview?

I’ve been working as a recruiter in Cpl for over 4 years and we love nothing more than when a jobseeker sends us a follow-up email.

A short follow up email after an interview confirms that you’re interested and gives us direct feedback, which helps us help you!

A typical follow up would be a post-interview email to say thanks for the meeting and to confirm your interest. This is always a candidate we will remember.

Example follow up email after a video interview:

Hi Recruiter name,

I met with employer name today and it went really well. I’m really interested in the job title position and look forward to hearing from you re potential next steps. If you receive any feedback, please let me know.

Many thanks

What you shouldn’t do after a video interview?

If a recruiter sends your CV to an employer on your behalf, we always advise that you shouldn’t contact them directly. We have an agreement with the client that we will act as a point of contact. Breaking this looks unprofessional and won’t do you any favours.

For comparison sake, if you booked a rental via Airbnb you wouldn’t contact the host directly – you would use the Airbnb platform.

In short, after a video interview, there’s no need to follow up directly. Instead, contact your recruiter and fill them in on how you got on. We can then send feedback to the client and it looks very proactive for everyone.

If you have any questions on video interviews, job opportunities or CVs during the COVID crisis get in touch. Cpl recruiters are working remotely and would be happy to help and offer advice.