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Case Study: ​​Creative Leadership & Executive Development for Financial Services Organisation

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What We Did

Our client was a financial services and financial technology company based in Ireland with offices in 29 countries worldwide, including the UK, Spain, New Zealand, the USA, the Middle East and Asia.

The client needed to develop a 'North Star' for their organisation which would be a key driver for organisational design and transformation. We created the North Star, strategic pillars and roadmap in 2018.

As a continuation of this project, they sought out an employee, leadership and customer engagement tool to help make more informed decisions on their investments, opportunities and product portfolio. This project was the ‘SenseMaking’ project briefly outlined below.

SenseMaking is

  • An ability to continuously scan, interpret and make sense of business and societal contexts, opportunities and issues in a VUCA environment

  • A core competency to articulate these interpretations at all levels of the organisation and ensure all key stakeholders appreciate their scale and scope

  • Creating shared views for scenarios and futures and bringing these insights to bear in new services and product development

How We Did It

We created a compelling North Star in 2018. It took into account horizons 1, 2 and 3 within defined innovation islands. Working with the director of Strategy and Business Development, this was a key component of their ‘Organisation Design and Transformation’ long-term strategy.

Aligned to this strategy was the need, now, to create an ideation and screening process for them to use continuously to look for new opportunities, engage employees and customers in new ways, and enhance current and potential concepts etc

This ‘SenseMaking’ process complemented existing innovation activities that ensured that key internal employee stakeholders have a structured framework to work with. It is supported by an on-going insight and learning program that ensured that leadership and employees were continuously informed and engaged and updated on new ideas, insights, and concepts

The SenseMaking framework is a living and evolving way to look critically at their current portfolio and to bring only the best of new opportunities and ideas into integrates outcomes of the previous ‘North Star and themes project. This is informing their organisational design and transformation development.

We worked closely with the entire leadership team. The SenseMaking project was a continuation of this engagement but more specifically with the strategy, marketing and innovation team.


The deliverable was a SenseMaking toolkit and playbook - an innovative employee engagement tool for ideation, for screening and to challenge current thinking on internal propositions, opportunities and to help evolve new ones. It was supplemented by an innovation process tool to create new ideas.

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