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Case Study: Design Strategy for a Global Food Manufacturer

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​What We Did

Design Strategy is the marriage of Strategy, Design and Design Thinking and works at every level in business. In collaboration with the National Centre for Deign (C4D), we developed a Design Strategy Masterclass that was delivered to the leadership team of a global food manufacturing organisation.

Through the Masterclass, we explored the 'what, the why, the how, the who and the where' of Design Strategy in order to help the client create a differentiating proposition.

How We Did It

Working closely with C4D we designed an immersive and engaging learning experience. Participation of the attendees into the rich content created was key. The experience was delivered online and consisted of three Acts.

  • Act 1: focused on the What and the Why

  • Act 2: the How

  • Act 3: we explored key examples to inspire the attendees of the Where and the Who


Through the Masterclass, we created a shared understanding of ‘Design Strategy’ and how it can be applied in their organisation. The client, new to Design Strategy, is now looking to explore the use of this mindset and structured approach to create a new and significant differentiating proposition which they will bring to the marketplace in 2020/2021.

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