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Recruitment Case Study: 10 Years With The HSE

HSE Agency Nurse Recruitment

What We Did

As the National Health Service provider to Ireland, the HSE requires agency staff across clinical and non-clinical roles on a daily basis to work in facilities throughout Ireland.

Cpl Healthcare was successfully awarded as the preferred supplier of Nursing and Care Service Workers, Allied Health Professionals, Health Science Services Workers and Non-Medical Non-Clinical workers staff for the HSE. Over the last 12 months, the HSE has requested 2,908,100 hours to be filled across their facilities.

How We Did It

Dedicated Project Manager & Team

To fully understand the specific HSE requirements Cpl Healthcare developed a specific implementation plan for service delivery. Cpl Healthcare appointed a dedicated project manager and regional team to each of the client organisations across the HSE. On contract award, we immediately met with all client organisations to assess their requirements in relation to recruitment and staffing needs.

This was crucial in particular when trying to fill ‘difficult to fill’ posts or for rural locations. During this period, we over-communicate to ensure all stakeholders are fully up to date and aware of pipeline and timelines.

On an ongoing basis, Cpl Healthcare gathers as much information on each client’s activities and skills required from agency staff as possible and update our database where necessary. A tailored solution was designed and implemented so that client’s requirements were consistently met, and the service continued uninterrupted.

Strong Existing Database

To ensure continued delivered of service to the HSE, Cpl Healthcare rely on our existing database of agency workers. Additionally, Cpl Healthcare deployed our internal, international sourcing team to assist in supply staff for “difficult to fill” posts or challenging sites.

We have a number of partnership agreements with international sourcing agents around the globe and have used this model for the last three years creating a pipeline dedicated only to HSE sites and hospitals. Our central customer relationship management (CRM) system manages active agency staff working, applications received, and prospective Nurses.

Marketing & Advertising

To meet the customer requirements and build our candidate database Cpl Healthcare developed bespoke marketing and advertising campaigns specific to each client site where required. Cpl Healthcare advertised across multiple websites, including but not limited to our own websites, Irish and global job websites, and industry-based websites.

With the cooperation of the HSE, a targeted and branded media campaign was implemented to ensure adequate numbers are recruited in the required timescale.

To further meet the requirements of the HSE, our Agency Staffing teams operates 365 days a year, giving the HSE peace of mind and continual contact access.

Dedicated Agency Staffing App

Cpl Healthcare currently uses the MyCpl app & system as a platform to run our agency business. This system allows us to manage all areas of the business for temporary staffing including nursing and healthcare assistant selection; placement; compliance; quality and risk management; and after-sales service.

Currently, Cpl Healthcare delivers Agency Staff to the HSE using our bespoke, in-house, end to end solution, MyCpl, for rostering and booking of staff for healthcare facilities. caters for all type of workers within the healthcare discipline.

In addition to MyCpl, Cpl Healthcare offer managed services to our clients and we believe that this approach will allow us to deliver a fully managed service for Agency staff. The MyCpl app has obtained huge recognition across the Irish healthcare market with key USP features examples include self-compliance, shift schedule, book shifts, client calendar & temp calendar and vend-off capability


Overall, Cpl Healthcare supply staff to approximately 367 individual sites. The HSE currently requests an average 55,000 hours on a weekly basis. These requirements require Cpl Healthcare to source, identify, compliance check and supply staff to meet the demands of each individual site. Cpl Healthcare currently has met this requirement with an average fill rate of 93% across all facilities.

We have now been delivering services for over 10 years to the HSE; it has been a partnership built on openness and honesty on both sides but ultimately it has been about delivery. The learnings from this project have been constant and this experience would enable Cpl to hit the ground running should we be successful with this bid.

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