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Case Study: 100% Successful Fill Rate for MedTech Client Namsa

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​What We Did

Namsa-Medvance is headquartered in the US and has expanded their presence across Europe. They had a request for MedTech Professionals to provide bespoke support to help them build their Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance Consultants team accordingly.

How We Did It

Our core requirements were to;

  • Provide Namsa-Medvance with a candidate’s market analysis based on their specific requirements.

  • Provide Namsa-Medvance with highly skilled candidates with a solid background within the Medical Devices Class III industry as well as IVD know-how, in addition to being multilingual as per Flemish/English or French/English or German/English requirements.


As experts in the MedTech field, Cpl successfully filled permanent roles across Germany, France, Belgium and the UK within a strict deadline.

We delivered an accurate candidate’s market mapping for the targeted countries and has provided Namsa-Medvance with candidates shortlist within 3 days. During that project, we hit a 100% successful fill rate on roles within scope.

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