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Case Study: Management of 750+ Contingent Workers Nationwide for Pfizer

Pfizer Contingent Workers Case Study

​What We Did

Pfizer is one of Ireland’s leading employers and the largest pharmaceutical sector investor and employer with over 3,300 colleagues across 8 locations nationwide and a capital Investment that exceeds $7bn.

Many of Pfizer’s leading and newest medicines are manufactured here for global export alongside part of their R&D functions. In addition to the 7 manufacturing sites, Pfizer also has its financial shared services centre in Dublin.

Following the acquisition of Wyeth in October 2009, Pfizer sought to have a single service provider who could manage all of Pfizer’s contingent resourcing nationwide.

Pfizer wanted a provider who could help drive efficiencies and cost savings across all contingent recruitment whilst helping to ensure that Pfizer was protected from any potential co-employment risk.

How We Did It

Cpl has been delivering this service to Wyeth Grange Castle from 2005 and when we were chosen as the single provider across all Pfizer sites nationwide Cpl deployed a much larger dedicated Service Delivery Team and rollout across all Pfizer sites nationwide.


Cpl’s contract has been renewed twice with Pfizer. Today, Cpl manages over 750 contingent resources nationwide across 8 nationwide sites.

  • 3,448 Hires

  • 7,745 Interviews

  • 11,834 Candidates submitted

  • 37,815 Candidates processed

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