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Case Study: End-to-End MSP for Pfizer with 90% Fill Rate

Pfizer MSP Case study

What We Did

Following the acquisition of Wyeth in October 2009, Pfizer sought to have a single service provider who could manage all of Pfizer’s contingent resourcing nationwide. Pfizer wanted a provider who could help drive efficiencies and cost savings across all contingent recruitment whilst helping to ensure that Pfizer was protected from any potential co-employment risk.

Cpl had been successfully delivering our end-to-end MSP recruitment services to Wyeth in their Grange Castle site in Dublin when they were acquired by Pfizer in a $68bn deal in October 2009.

The brief included recruitment delivery across general and niche specialist areas - Science, Manufacturing, Engineering, IT, Finance, Legal, HR, Marketing and Sales.

How We Did It

Cpl deployed a specialist MSP Implementation team, headed by an Implementation Director, who work in tandem with our Cpl HR Manager and Cpl Service Delivery Manager, to implement and deliver our model and service nationwide in four months.

We also hired an experienced team dedicated to our Account in Pfizer to manage all daily operations across the entire contingent worker population. Cpl also assigned a team of subject matter expert Talent Specialists to support key hiring areas.

Within Pfizer, we partner with all 6 sites including Manufacturing, Commercial and Global Financial Services. We deliver talent across general and niche specialist areas including - Science, Manufacturing, Engineering, IT, Finance, Legal, HR, Marketing and Sales

The core components of our MSP include a streamlined recruitment process, delivered through our dedicated talent delivery team and management of our third-party supply chain, contract & compliance management, invoice management, Hr contingent workforce management and data analytics and reporting.

Cpl’s contract has since been renewed multiple times with Pfizer. Today, Cpl manages on average 750 contingent resources nationwide across 6 nationwide sites.


Our key to success in Pfizer involves our teams understanding of both the cultural and technical ‘fit’ of the target candidate. Over the last 10 years, we have fulfilled over 5,027 placements and manage an average headcount 750 onsite contingent workforce. Our dedicated talent delivery team support high volume campaigns and niche roles that require global sourcing, meeting all SLA’s and maintaining recruitment metrics of 2:1 (for every 2 interviews, 1 is hired).

The quality of our talent is evident by ongoing contract extensions and talent rehire amongst the specialist engineering contractors and the high rate of conversion from temporary staff to permanent Pfizer employees, this was 46% in 2019 (60% since the start of the partnership).

2019 and 2020 have seen a further evolution with the implementation of a Strategic Account Manager programme that acts as the voice of the customer internally in Cpl and leverages off our Business Process Excellence and Future of Work teams to bring innovation and promote customer and employee experience.

What Cpl’s MSP delivers to Pfizer:

  • Over 5027 placements across general and niche functions.

  • 90% plus direct fill rate via Cpl.

  • Full headcount availability at any given time, broken down by vendor, tenure, discipline, function and rate.

  • Full suite of additional reporting capability allowing strategic and informed decisions.

  • Complete operational management and visibility on contingent worker extensions and exits.

  • An experienced, dedicated team of HR to manage all HR programmes and manage any ER issues.

  • Professional Induction and Account Document that ensures contingent workers understand their employment relationship, H&S duties and policies.

  • Total vendor management to ensure all Pfizer’s hiring needs are met.

  • Invoice consolation – Cpl pay all vendors on behalf of Pfizer.

  • PO management in line with agreed Pfizer and Cpl metrics.

  • Monthly and Quarterly formal review meetings and KPI review to show continuous improvement, market challenges, account activity and cost savings.

  • Full contingent worker culture integration and employer engagement.

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