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Case Study: Talent Advisory & 9 Hires for Irish Public Sector Start-Up

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A newly formed government agency outsourced its Recruitment services in relation to a newly established start-up and ongoing business activities. As part of this partnership, Cpl was requested to work closely with the client’s HR team and hiring managers to provide Advisory and Recruitment services.

The challenge

The government agency was newly established to support the optimal use of state-owned land with a focus on the provision of housing. These roles were extremely attractive to professionals within the property and financial sectors.

There was no HR or recruitment function in place to manage the recruitment process and following the initial advertising of roles the client couldn’t manage the large influx of applications.

The client needed a full end-to-end process to be designed, implemented and operated to ensure a best practice recruitment experience for attracting and managing candidates through the full recruitment process.

The solution

We assembled an Account Management team to manage and oversee the delivery of all the recruitment needs for this agency. Initially, we provided advisory services to design and implement a robust recruitment process that was made up of fair and transparent procedures.

Our team created these procedures in conjunction with the client’s leadership team, providing them with industry-standard practices and ensuring compliance across key areas, including GDPR and employment legislation.

We supported our client with market insights on salary structures, benefits packages and ongoing market trends for attracting talent and ensuring a top class candidate experience. Our dedicated team managed the full recruitment process and were the first point of contact for all hiring managers and the leadership team internally.

To support the initial stages of the recruitment process our team carefully selected where to advertise the roles including appropriate job boards and social media channels. We then rolled out our end-to-end recruitment process, supporting the internal team, providing the documentation to conduct interviews and managing the candidate touchpoints.

The results

We have processed more than 350 applications ensuring an excellent candidate experience for each applicant.

Working with the hiring managers we have ensured only the most suitable candidates are shortlisted, giving the hiring managers access to the best available talent for their roles. In doing so we have actively managed 53 candidates throughout a two-stage interview process.

Following the implementation of our recruitment processes and procedures, Cpl has successfully, over a 2-month timeframe, hired 9 employees, with an average time to hire at 47 days.

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