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Case Study: Purposeful Leader Event at Dublin Castle Hosted by Future of Work Institute

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​What We Did

This event was designed and hosted by Cpl's Future of Work Institute as part of Climate Finance Week 2019. The theme of this session was “Purposeful Leadership”.

We arranged, hosted and participated in this event which was moderated by Barry Winkless, Cpl’s CSO and Head of Future of Work Institute.

How We Did It

The purpose of this event was to educate and inspire attendees, mostly senior leaders, to manage the workforce in the age of purpose, people and planet. The event saw 4 speakers speaking on broad topics related to leadership, and a panel discussion.


We delivered a range of presentations on

  • Leading with Purpose

  • Building a Responsible Business

  • Workplace Wellness: Time to Get Strategic

  • The Inclusive Leader

  • Creating your Sustainability Journey

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