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Case Study: Recruitment, Induction and People Management for Large Distribution Centre

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​What We Did

Flexsource initially began working with this client in 2007 as a new vendor. During the initial set up, Flexsource agreed with the client that the On-Site Manager would be required at all times to oversee staff daily. Flexsource assigned a Service Delivery Manager to this project and recruitment began.

How We Did It

Recruitment was done through job boards, open days and candidate referrals. This proved to be so successful that Flexsource utilises the same channels to this day, with referrals being the second most successful route.

Candidates are required to complete their application and registration with Flexsource initially in order to be considered for a role. Interviews were then held on-site to provide candidates with the opportunity to see the role before they accept, and to fully understand what is expected of them.

The manager also held interviews in the Flexsource office when required. Upon starting, all candidates were required to complete an induction. This was conducted by Flexsource and involved site inductions and H&S inductions.

As the partnership between Flexsource and the client grew, the headcount also grew to reflect this. At the peak, Flexsource increased from 150 employees to 220. Like all other FMCG companies, our client needed to plan carefully it's peak season.

Flexsource were included in all staff planning and as an added measure we planned for an additional recruitment plan for extra staff to fully ensure peak cover. We have successfully delivered the extra staff year on year and the client KPIs are met and exceeded through planning and communication with both parties.


Throughout the years, the Flexsource onsite team have grown. On-site there is now a Service Delivery Manager (SDM) and two Account Managers. The SDM is responsible for meeting and succeeding all client expectations and to ensure the Service Level Agreement fulfilment is met, the account managers recruit, induct and manage all staff onsite.

The consultants attend daily meetings with the client to discuss performance, KPIs, targets and headcount. This improves communication between client and supplier, thus creating a relationship that allows both parties to trust each other.

Flexsource is responsible for managing staff from start to finish. Included in this is disciplinaries, appraisals, returns to work, candidate meetings and client meetings. Consultants not only recruit new staff but sometimes need to remove staff from the site. This is done in a professional and polite way so other employees do not become demotivated or stressed about losing their jobs.

Having a manager and consultants dedicated to the client ensures all processes and procedures are completed in a timely manner, opinions are shared, and the recruitment partnership stays intact.

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