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Case Study: Covalen provide 1,300+ managed service employees at leading social media company

Case study of team working at social media company


The client planned to significantly grow its on-site contractor resources — supported by a successful employee retention strategy.

Covalen designed and delivered a customised solution for content moderation services, to meet guidelines and policies set by the client, with a focus on optimising the employee experience.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • 2010 Cpl began working with the client recruiting talent for content moderation roles.

  • 2013 Covalen provided a fully-fledged Managed service model on-site starting with 15 employees, with an in-depth SOW for content moderation services throughout global markets.

  • 2016 The client awarded Covalen an AI + Machine Learning project to verify the accuracy of QA policies. The deliverables included quality, policy, and insights. In three years, Covalen grew the team from 15 to 300 staff.


Talent Management: Through a sophisticated talent management strategy, Covalen successfully scaled and managed a diverse on-site team within a 24/7 operating model. Covalen developed a comprehensive employee engagement programme including career progression paths that resulted in 90% internal employee promotions.

2019: The client awarded a new project to Covalen due to the company’s track record and expertise across Training, Safety, Policy, QA, and Insights. The client recognised Covalen’s practical initiatives and expertise in creating training materials and as a result awarded 100% of the work and responsibility to Covalen for developing the training programme.


Covalen’s performance is in the top 3 of the client’s vendors worldwide.

  • 1,300+ managed service employees

  • 55+ languages and several dialects

  • 24/7 operating model

  • 3,000,000 tickets handled per month

  • 99% of 176 monthly SLAs achieved

  • 100% of retention goals achieved

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