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Case Study: Sales solution by Covalen delivers three times greater conversions for leading Energy Provider

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Operating in the Irish market for 20 years, the company launched in Northern Ireland in the commercial energy sector. They planned to enter the residential market in the Republic in 2013, and without a base or resources, they considered the best strategy to achieve their objectives.

Challenges & Opportunities

The company faced stiff competition from established energy providers operating in the market. Consumer switching rates were low at 12 and 18 percent for electricity and gas. The company sought a reliable outsourcing partner to drive market entry and customer acquisition, which resulted in a partnering with Covalen.

Our Approach

Covalen designed a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to attract new customers, and notably—to retain them. Solution design focused on –

  • A customer service quality framework

  • Factors that drive switching decisions

  • Strength analysis: satisfaction-switching relationship

  • Motivation analysis: switching or remaining with current supplier


  • Covalen selected and trained a sales team to deliver the service to high-performing levels. The company acquired more than 60,000 new customer accounts within just six months.

  • The client expanded the outsource solution adding a Customer Loyalty team to drive customer retention.

  • Covalen demonstrates agility and flexibility operating an overflow service for the commercial energy business several times a year.

  • Throughout the partnership, on behalf of the client, Covalen (formerly Interaction) have won three awards at The Irish Sales Champion (ISC) annual awards, making shortlists across several categories.

  • The client scaled up the service again in 2020, attributing Covalen with the design and delivery of a new Outbound Sales service.

  • Due to consistent over-achievement, sales conversion targets have trebled since the outset.

  • During Covid-19, the client and Covalen successfully transferred to a new service model for remote working during the pandemic.

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