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Essential questions to ask in a remote job interview

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When interviewing for jobs it's important to remember that the employers shouldn't be the only one asking questions.

As a job seeker, you should prepare and ask well thought out questions. This will help you understand the role, the company culture and the remote working policies of the company.

It is important to ask questions around remote working, the support you will receive and how the company has adapted to ensure you have the full picture of what to expect.

Unsure what to ask? Here are some good interview questions about remote working you should consider.

Questions to ask about remote working in a job interview

1.      What support could I expect to receive when working remotely or from home?

As a result of Covid-19 remote working has been embraced across many sectors. Some employers will welcome a permanent move to remote working while others will prefer a hybrid of both remote and traditional.

Remote working is still relevantly new territory for most employers and many are learning how to navigate this new way of working.

It is important to ask a prospective employer what supports are in place to ensure you are set up for success. These supports may relate to onboarding, home office equipment provided, new software and training and programmes to keep the business connected.

2.      How have you maintained the companies culture and kept employees connected to the business when working remotely?

The culture of an organisation is its personality and is an important aspect of any business. A great culture means happy employees and a great place to work. It is important that a company is well connected to its employees and that there is excellent communication from the top down.

Remote employees are no longer physically together in an office so there can be a disconnect. It is important that organisations makes a continued effort to bridge the gap. In your interview ask what efforts are being made, this will help you picture your potential new remote working life.

Some examples include wellness programmes, regular video catch-ups with teams, facilitating virtual coffee mornings or running competitions and incentives. The possibilities are endless and some organisations have found creative ways stay connected.

3.      How have you adapted your management style with remote working?

Remote working has transformed the way teams are managed. In a traditional office setting your manager is usually close by and accessible face to face, but remote working requires a greater effort.

It is important for you as an employee to understand what support you will receive from your manager. Some teams may have daily briefings or perhaps weekly one to one video calls, every team is different. Either way, it is useful for you to have an understanding of how the team operates.

4.      What challenges is the organisation facing as a result of Covid-19?

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the world of work. Depending on the industry, companies could be experiencing an expansion or a decline in business.

It is important for you to have a clear picture of any challenges the organisation faces so you can understand what role you will play in overcoming these. This is also a great opportunity for you to demonstrate how your skills may be useful to tackle these issues.

Some other good things to consider asking about include work-life balance, ways of working with other team members and your work schedule.

Overall by the end of your interview, the employer should know all about your expertise and experience, and you should feel informed about the company and ways of working.

If you'd like to learn more please get in touch, we'd be happy to advise.