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Gender Gaps at Leadership Level: Interview with Dechert’s Managing Partner Carol Widger

Dechert Managing Partner Carol Widger

​Global Law firm Dechert is based in 26 locations and employs some of the world’s leading lawyers. Their focus is to deliver “the highest-quality advice that is actionable, commercial, and delivered efficiently” while building an inclusive firm that “reflects the diversity of the world in which we practice.”

In this interview, Ryan Murtagh, Head of Legal recruitment in Cpl, speaks to Dechert’s Managing Partner Carol Widger about the impact of COVID-19 on the legal sector and being a female leader in a male-dominated industry.

Talking points include the changes in gender balance in the industry, the importance of female role models and how the culture within large legal firms is changing.

Listen in full below. If you have any queries on the Legal sector in Ireland or hiring during COVID get in touch with Ryan who is a specialist in this area and happy to advise.