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In demand multilingual jobs in social media 2020

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Ireland has been one of the top European countries for multilingual job seekers for years, and despite current economic uncertainty, the demand for professionals with language skills continue. One of Ireland’s main multilingual employers are international tech and social media companies who require professionals with English and a second or even third language.

This article was inspired from the presentation that the Multi-Talent Hub team (from Cpl Recruitment) did recently for 2020 UK Ireland Career Webinar, led by Taiwan Ireland Association and featuring Fatima Chavez, Esther Hellin & Kristel Ticzon.

In-Demand Social Media Jobs & the Language Skills Needed

The most in-demand languages in Ireland for 2020 are: German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.

This demand varies depending on the sectors, but within the tech industry, the demand at the moment is huge. These companies are constantly looking for multilingual candidates, ranging from entry level positions to senior positions.

Some of the most in-demand social media roles include:

1. Trust & Safety (content review): You would be responsible for investigating, documenting, and following up on sensitive content in a timely manner according to company policies.

2. User Support Specialist: You would be responsible for providing customer support for users. This support is provided via phone call, online chat and email according to company policies and with targets.

3.Risk management specialist: This job involves evaluating and investigating buyers/sellers, transactions, profiles or items in order to eliminate online e-commerce risk and fraud according to company policies and with targets.

These roles are generally entry-level and don’t require previous experience, but experience in an office environment would be desirable. Usually companies provide 4-6 weeks training to new hires with the purpose to onboard and get people comfortable working quickly.

In the case of Trust & Safety role, companies put a large focus on the wellness during the interview stage and beyond. During the interview candidates are asked several questions about personal experiences to ensure you’re suited to working with sensitive content. These kinds of roles also generally include a group and one to one monthly wellness program to ensure the good wellbeing of employees.

Visa Requirements

Regarding visas, this depends on the company’s requirements. Our clients usually require EU passport or eligibility to work and live in Ireland holding Stamp 4 or in some case Stamp 2 or Stamp 1G.

If you would like to apply for any roles from the above or for any roles based in Ireland and would like to know what Irish employers would like to see on a CV, please keep reading.

CV Advice for Foreigners in Ireland

If this is your first time applying for a job in Ireland there are several basic things that you should we aware of:

  • Use bullet points, headings and bold text to structure your CV clearly

  • Write your CV to suit the job spec you are applying for and use keywords for example, important skills, programs, etc related to the role you are apply for

  • Save your CV as a Word doc and include your name

  • Your CV should be 1 - 2 pages

  • Do not include a picture on your CV

  • Pay attention to spelling and grammar

  • Add dates on every experience/education in chronological order

What to Include on your CV:

  •  Basic Information:Full Name, email, phone number, location. Your email should look professional and work appropriate. Use your personal email instead of your college email.

  • Personal Bio: A personal bio should be customized for the job you are applying for. Describe who you are, your professional goals and passion for the industry. Use simple language and keep it short (2 – 3 lines is perfect.)

  • Work Experience: List your previous jobs in chronological order from recent to older.For each, include the job title, responsibilities, and
    results/successes. Show your soft skills by using examples within your work experience.

  • Education: Include secondary school, courses and university. State where you studied and the course and don’t forget to include the years you studied. If you are a recent graduate put your education before work experience.

For more detailed CV information you can download the Cpl CV Handbook for free.

Do you speak a second language and want to know more about job opportunitiesin Ireland or about how to build an impactful CV? Contact Esher Hellin on [email protected] I specialise in multilingual roles and would be happy to help.​