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Finding a Job in 2021: 6 Job Search Tips from Recruiters

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Finding a new jobor changing career isn’t easy, but there are simple things you can do to help - even during a pandemic. To help you kick start your job search this year I've asked 6 of our recruiters their top tips for job seekers in 2021.

6 Job Search Tips from Recruiters

Ensure your CV is sharp and professional-looking, Robin Craig, Cpl Technology

"Those working in the Technology sector are in an envious position compared to other sectors in that there is still a shortfall of experienced tech professionals in Ireland.

However, companies are demanding quality, experienced candidates who display a highly professional approach throughout the hiring process. Our clients are not just filling a vacancy to close off an open job requisition.

If you’re looking to find a new job in 2021, this may sound very obvious but it’s crucial to spend time on your CV. Tailor your CV to the job vacancy, ensure it is sharp and professional-looking and you’re your formatting is uniform throughout.

Your CV is reviewed in 20/30 seconds, if it doesn’t make an impact straight away it won’t get noticed by the hiring manager. Be smart, research your target company's culture & values and reference these on your CV to really drive home your suitability and fit."

Do your homework & rehearse interview questions, Miho Lucic, Cpl Language Jobs

“You applied for the job and secured an interview. Now it is time to prepare for the interview. Do your research, about the role, the company, their mission, product & company culture, and prepare good work-based examples that show your experience, skills and competencies.

Spend time researching possible interview questions (your recruiter will help you with this) and rehearse your answers. In the interview, aim to be conversational - you don’t want to come across as scripted. When asked a question, think about what was asked and tailor-make your rehearsed answers towards the interviewer’s question.”

Keeping in touch and sharing information is key, Marguerite Brahim, Cpl Cork

“If you’re trying to find a job during Covid, strong collaboration with a recruiter can help open doors for you in 2021. A good recruiter will put a strategy together for you that will help highlight your skills on the job market, keep you notified of job opportunities, help you prepare for interviews and keep you confident and focused in a tight market.

Recruiters also have access to exclusive jobs which aren't always advertised. Often a recruiter will simply make a few a calls to their candidates about these roles, are you on the list?

Keeping in touch and sharing information is key, not only to secure a position but to build a lasting relationship with someone who can support you in your career or your next role. Relationship building & information sharing will make your recruiter your best friend!”

Practise online interviewing, Karyn Glennon, Cpl Finance

"Practice online interviewing as remote interviews will be the way forward for the foreseeable future. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile and your CV are completely up to date, professionally formatted and keep them to a minimum of 1-2 pages (depending on your career length to date some senior roles can stretch to 3-4 pages.)

If you are an active job seeker in 2021 you should also invest time in having a chat with a recruiter who specialises in your sector over Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom. This can build rapport, as remember that the recruiter will potentially be representing you to their clients, so it is key they know you and your strengths. This will enhance your chances of getting an interview."

Focus on skills that will add value, Darrach Teague, Cpl Northern Ireland

“Don’t let this pandemic deny you new opportunities. Reach out to a recruiter who specialises in your field, they should be able to give you an honest evaluation of what market conditions are like for your chosen career path.

Companies more than ever want the best candidate they can possibly find so to ensure you stand out, tailor your CV so that your experience and skills are relevant to each job you are applying for.

When you secure an interview, preparation and finding out as much information about the role as you can are both key. The job description will only give you limited information and a good recruiter should be able to give you extras like team size, development potential etc.

Spend time thinking about your interview answers – describe the experience you have and the skills you have that will add value to their business. Present yourself as enthusiastic, knowledgeable and capable and you will ace it!”

Consider all options and use this time to upskill, Rachel Barrett, Cpl Technology Contract Team

"The job market is very changeable at the moment so it’s important to be able to adapt quickly. If you normally only consider permanent jobs, why not consider contract to give yourself more options and to keep gaps minimalised on your CV. Likewise if you usually only consider contract roles, why not consider permanent roles and broaden your options.

At the moment a lot of people have extra time on their hands. Use this time to do a course or cert that will benefit your career and to broaden your reach. Consider what will make you stand out or specific niches in the marketplace. For example, as more and more businesses progress online digital transformation we’ve seen an influx in demand for PMO professionals with LEAN Six Sigma – Green or Black Belt (for Process Improvement) or PMP/ PMBOK.

Even if you only do something creative like a personal hobby, keep yourself busy and keep adding to your skillset. This will keep your mind busy and give you a great sense of achievement."

Looking for a new job in 2021?

If you’ve got all the above covered why not get in touch with one of our specialist teams, they’d be happy to chat through opportunities available in your field.

You can also download our CV Handbookand Video Interview Handbook, which both have lots of CV and job interview specific tips from our recruiters.