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NHS Workers – What discounts are available to assist your health?

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Throughout this pandemic, a wide range of companies have offered their support by providing NHS workers with discounts across retail, food, travel, and shopping. But did you know there are various discounted offers on products and services that assist with physical and mental health?

Healthcare workers are working tirelessly to support the foundation of health within the community, but many often neglect their own health in the process. To help aid NHS workers in looking after their mental and physical health, we've compiled a list of our favourite offers that support self-care.

Physical Health:

NHS Mind & Body Plan – FREE health plan developed by Starks Fitness; built specifically to work around the busy schedules and tired bodies of NHS workers. The plan includes workouts, top tips for sleep, nutrition, and stress management as well as professional advice and support.

Fitbit – 20% discount.

Powerhouse Fitness – Up to 50% off home fitness equipment.

Maximuscle – 33% off sports nutrition & supplements.

Bring the Gym Home – 30-day FREE trial & 25% off.

Simple Human – 20% discount.

Healthier for Life – 15% discount.

Health and Her – 15% discount.

Thriva – 30% off first subscription.


CBT Clinics Personalised Remote Therapy – 23% per session & FREE online CBT course.

Nursem Skin Care – 25% discount.

Probiotic Skincare– 20% discount.

Boots – Up to 50% off.

Emma Mattress – 35% discount.

Nanu Sleep - £5 off (currently 50% off sale on their website).

Simba Sleep– 40% discount.

Headspace – FREE when you sign up using a valid NHS email address.

Philips – 15% off personal care and health products.

Post My Meds – 10% discount.

Online Digital Pharmacy – 10% discount.

Garden of Life– 10% discount.

Serenata Flowers – 20% discount.

Le Col – 20% discount.


Bubble Childcare – FREE childcare when you sign up using a valid NHS email address.

The Works - 20% discount.

Pet Plan - 10% discount.

Are you concerned about your current role?

One area NHS workers may feel stressed about is their career; if you're not receiving support in your current role or feel like a change, please get in touch with us to have a confidential discussion with a member of our team.

We would be delighted to put your needs first and provide any career advice you require.

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