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The Pivot to Ireland Post Brexit: Episode 1 with Enda Allen

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With Brexit coming into effect on January 1st, UK based financial institutions have lost automatic access to the EU’s single market. But what does this mean for Brexit and the financial services industry in Ireland and the EU?

In this series of interviews Ben McShane, Director of Finance and Legal at Cpl, will be talking to leading professionals in the finance industry about why companies should consider re-domiciling to the Irish market post-Brexit and the quality of financial services talent present here.

The financial services talent pool in Ireland & impact of Brexit with Enda Allen

In the first episode of this series, Ben speaks to Enda Allen, Consultant & Independent Non-Executive Director, about why Ireland should be considered the preferred solution for firms adapting to a post-Brexit Europe, the quality of the financial services talent across risk, compliance, and asset management and how a talent provider like Cpl can help firms build strong teams and uncover hidden candidates. Ben and Enda also discuss Ireland's advantage from a regulation perspective, and how firms and professionals themselves are continuing to relocate to Ireland.

Enda Allen has over 30 years’ experience in an executive and non-executive capacity in the financial services industry. His banking career started in 1987 with ABN Amro in London, then Singapore and Amsterdam, before moving back to Dublin with ING Bank in 1993 where he established their Irish operations before returning overseas.

Enda left ING in 2006 and began work as an Independent Non-Executive Director in Banking, Reinsurance, and the Funds industry. He joined Bank of Montreal Ireland in 2014 as an INED before assuming the CEO role. In 2018 he re-engaged with the industry as Non-Executive Director across a number of funds and leading fintech firms.

To listen to the interview in full click below.