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8 Tips to Find your Next SAP Job via LinkedIn


Ireland’s SAP Market is growing and for 2021 we’re seeing several clients preparing to make the move from legacy on-premise ERP Systems to SAP S/4 Hana, its next generation ERP. These companies need the right SAP talent to help them do this.

The most significant demand is the continued need for functional consultants to help drive these S/4 Hana implementations and to work on enhancements and upgrades to existing ECC6 Systems.

Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for these skills – so how can you make it easier for them to find you? In the 2021 SAP Market, LinkedIn is vital (stats show 3 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute) and a good profile can help you reach hiring managers quickly.

Below I’ve listed 8 pieces of LinkedIn advice I give to candidates and that will help you grab the attention of SAP Hiring managers and recruiters.

How can I get a job in SAP via LinkedIn?

1: Choose a professional profile picture

The first port of call for recruiters when reviewing CVs that may be a potential fit for a role is to check the candidates LinkedIn profile.

When choosing a profile picture avoid using a group picture, this will only cause a game of ‘guess who’. A professional headshot goes a long way in making you stand out against the crowd. Alternatively, a good quality profile photo facing head-on is a good option.

Your background picture is an opportunity to showcase your SAP Knowledge. Screenshots of your SAP specialist area help showcase the roles you would be interested in.

2:  Add keywords to your headline

A good headline should use the keywords recruiters and hiring managers will use while searching for candidates. This is a great opportunity to ensure you are top of their search list. Unsure what to write? Think of it as a summary of your specific SAP skills.


“SAP Functional expert, S/4 Hana, SAP PP/MM/WM, SAP Certified”

“ABAP expert, S/4HANA and UI5, with multi-industry experience and cross-functional knowledge, cloud and on-premise”

3: Turn the 'Open to Work' banner on

If you are available for work, turn on the Open to Work banner in your profile as recruiters may only search for candidates who are open to new opportunities.

This dropdown also gives you the chance to:

·      List the type of roles you are interested in, whether it is contract or permanent

·      Allows you to list your areas of specification along with the locations you would consider your next project in

·      Avoid being contacted in relation to irrelevant roles

4: Use the about section as your cover letter

The About section gives you an opportunity to give specific detail around your experience, think of it like your cover letter. Which SAP Modules have you had exposure to? How many end to end implementations have you been involved in? What industries have you experience in? And what technologies have you worked with or have certifications in?

Eg. An experienced SAP Logistics Consultant holding 15 years’ experience across 10 end to end full life cycle implementations in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and beverage sectors across UK and Ireland. Experience covering ECC6 and S4 Hana. Comfortable working in large & small teams to successfully deliver a project.

5: Add stand out points to your featured section

This section can often be overlooked but it is a great way for you to showcase any certifications you might have, articles/blogs you may have written or even somewhere to post your CV. Once you post something on this section it does stand out on your profile, so why not post something you are proud of for all to see.

6: Get granular about your experience

This is your chance to detail your projects over the past number of years. Give specific dates which match your CV and take the time to detail your responsibilities in each role. Ensure you list the technologies used, the modules you were responsible for and whether you were involved in any training, testing, post go-live support or any other responsibilities you held in each role.

7: Include all certifications and licences

While your featured section might showcase some of your more recent certifications, this section is great for highlighting all the past certifications you have earned down through the years.

8: Ask for endorsements and recommendations

I would always encourage candidates to ask for endorsements and recommendations from colleagues or managers at the end of a project. This is great for future hiring managers to see how you worked with other members of the project team and gives you another chance to highlight the specific areas you have expertise in. 

If you’re looking for a job in SAP make these 8 updates to help hiring managers and recruiters like me find you. It’s a competitive market and small things like this do make a difference. For more advice or information on SAP opportunities in Ireland view my open roles or get in touch, I’d be happy to advise.