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What is your Life Sciences, Future of Work Story?

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Cpl Life Sciences is a transformational talent partner navigating with both our candidates and clients alike the new world of work. Within the Cpl Group, our Think Tank within our Future of Work Institute (FOWI) develops whitepapers and work shops looking at the study and integrated design of workplaces, work forces and work tasks across multiple time horizons in the context of both business and society.

Last year my colleagues in the FOWI A leadership whitepaper exploring perspectives and pathways on the future of work. Developed over a 9 month period and the culmination of deep research, collaborative working groups and innovation the outcome was a whitepaper that has in its findings introduced many intriguing insights about the future of work and a new future of work model to help leaders make sense of the competitive advantages open to them in this new world of work.

We have seen within life sciences as an industry dramatic change, the pandemic being the catalyst for now accelerating how every CEO, HR team or leadership group and employees alike, view the work landscape ahead. As an industry we are already woefully behind in training and developing the skills required across the clinical trial landscape, medical affairs and the continued drive in digital health.

Within our whitepaper and in the new world of work we are entering, it was identified that 76% of our working group found that Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Skills would be one of the most sought after competencies, a skill that currently the new world of more automation as it grows, is as yet, not be delivering. Ultimately if you wish to seek the very best that the industry can offer in terms of talent that will transform your organisation, first and foremost todays workers wish to join high trust organisations. But how do you as an agile and innovative employer translate this to attracting that talent?

Our whitepaper is available for review now and I would urge all forward thinking decision makers to look deeply into its findings. Should you wish to have one of our team give a complimentary workshop and assist you in your Future Work Story, please do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected]