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What to look for in a Healthcare Recruitment Agency?

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It can be a daunting task when looking for a new job in healthcare. Whether you’re considering a move into being a locum, moving to the UK or simply considering a new healthcare agency to work with, there are several factors to take into consideration. Choosing an agency to work with is a commitment in trust and time, so it’s important to choose the right one. Here’s some top factors to look out for when looking around.


Are they a framework agency?

NHS Trusts work mainly with agencies that are on frameworks. These frameworks are there to ensure the hospital receive candidates that they know are eligible to work there, they know certain documents have been checked, security clearances like DBS’s have been obtained, references have been checked, licenses with relevant bodies are valid and with pay rates that have already been agreed across the board. To ensure you hear about all jobs as soon as they are available you should be registered with a framework agency.

Cpl UK Healthcare are a framework supplier for HealthTrust Europe (HTE), Crown Commercial Services (CCS) and Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP).


Are the Recruitment Consultants specialists in their field?

You need to ensure that whoever is working on your behalf knows what they are doing. A recruiter who specialises in a particular job role will be a specialist in their field, they will know, in depth, the type of work you are looking for, they will know that specific hospitals will work with a specific type of machinery that you may have experience in, the managers they deal with will know that the company can supply the right worker with the right experience level. If you have a trusted and knowledgeable recruiter, you are already halfway there to securing the role.

94% of all our candidates said their initial contact with Cpl UK Healthcare was either Good or Very Good.

All Consultants at Cpl UK Healthcare specialise in a specific discipline and geographical area so if you are an MRI Radiographer with Siemens experience in the North West for example, then our Consultant would know exactly who to contact.


Do they have a knowledgeable compliance department?

There’s nothing worse than securing a new role only to find out the day before you are due to start that this will not be possible because you have some important documents missing from your compliance pack. It is your agencies responsibility to let you know what they need, what training you may need to retake and what blood results you may need to prove. Take the time to look through what documents are required.

Over 91% of our candidates on their first placement would recommend us to a colleague.

Cpl UK Healthcare have dedicated compliance teams, one for before you are placed into a role and others once you have started to work for us to ensure you are kept compliant at all times.


Do they receive good feedback from current workers?

You really can’t beat word of mouth referrals. If a colleague recommends an agency, there is a good reason for it, but don’t just trust your friends’ recommendations, have a look at some of our testimonials below…

Don’t forget – Cpl UK Healthcare offer up to £300 when you recommend a colleague…

For someone new to the NHS, Cpl UK Healthcare really helped me to properly integrate into the UK healthcare system. From documentations to compliance and securing my first placement, it has been a completely hassle-free experience. – Abiodun, SHO Urologist

My experience with Cpl UK Healthcare has been outstanding from the recruitment process right through to working a placement. My consultant, Jack goes above and beyond to secure a shift in my chosen place of work and at the pay rate I want. – Fadzai, Mental Health Nurse

Cpl UK Healthcare is one of the most reliable and professional agencies I have worked with. My consultant, Vanessa has clearly built a good rapport with her clients and I highly admire the fact that Vanessa has connections with multiple trusts, allowing me the opportunity to apply for roles exclusive to Cpl UK Healthcare. – Thabo, Clinical Pharmacist

If you're interested in joining our agency and locumming in the UK, please email [email protected] and a member of our team will shortly be in touch.