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Case Study: Improved Participation Rates among Production Staff

Improved Participation Rates among Production Staff

What We Did

The rationale for this programme was to understand areas impacting employee wellbeing, with a view to tailoring their needs and address poor participation among production staff.

The organisation had multiple site locations and both production and non-production staff. Participation in the wellness programme was particularly poor amongst production staff and the organisation wanted to understand the areas concerning employees to enable them to increase participation rates.

How We Did It

We took a root cause approach using our diagnostic tool, and a series of focus groups to identify 4 key areas that were contributing to increased stress. This was broken out further by production and non-production staff to identify further challenges.

It was found that the main areas of concern for employees were regularly feeling exhausted due to workload and work priorities, thus impacting the ability to exercise, feeling anxious due to workload pressures, and job demands impacting plans outside of work. These were all seen to contribute to increased stress and unwellness across the organisation.

The improved wellness programme included areas such as a campaign to encourage movement and exercise, management engagement strategy to encourage leaders to lead with wellbeing in mind, mental health seminars as well as time management, and work-life balance seminars. Leadership training and a stakeholder engagement strategy were key to this programme as the findings indicated that many employees felt they weren’t encouraged to take time away for exercise and self-care.


A 2-year wellness strategy complete with an implementation plan, communication plan, and analysis for the company to embed. Analysis of the intervention saw an increase in participation rates among production staff as interventions were tailored to their needs.

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