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Cpl Life Sciences Industry Analytics Report - Medical Affairs

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​​​Our latest Industry Analytics Report features Medical Affairs Trends, Yvette Cleland, CEO, Cpl Life Sciences comments:
The greatest danger in turbulent times is not the turbulence – it’s acting with yesterday’s logic

Medical affairs is central to the success of biopharma companies as healthcare becomes more complex, specialised and global. It continues its metamorphosis in tandem with the global shift towards evidence-based care. Its growing importance in generating value, particularly as medicines are more targeted and personalised, and the evidence base becomes more nuanced, present new challenges for the function to play a more strategic biopharma role.

And as healthcare professionals need deeper understanding of the increasingly complex science, they are turning to Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) to enhance their knowledge. With the pandemic enhancing virtual communication, there’s now even greater opportunity for more innovative methods to emerge, with MSLs leading the way.

Medical affairs functions across industry are stepping up rapidly, becoming integrators of evidence and influencers of internal and external stakeholders. The real-time changes drive the review, reassessment and change that ambassadors use to deliver these enhancements to skills, processes, structures and systems. These are the foundation of the medical affairs function and ensure they are future-ready and future-proofed.

In light of the rapid change within medical affairs, highly skilled talent is essential to the success of this core strategic function. Ultimately the prize is to consistently support patients and their access to medicines of profound value to them, the industry developing them and the healthcare system funding them.

Our specialist medical affairs team is seeing open vacancies surge at every level. Consistent with this, the findings in this report show a 27% increase in medical affairs vacancies. And for the first time in three years, vacancies have grown consecutively month-on-month. The South East remains the leading region for hiring with a particular spike in not just biotech but within contract research organisations.

Cpl Life Sciences has been at the forefront of supporting biopharma organisations to attract world-class talent for the past 15 years. We understand that the next wave of medical affairs leaders must have the skills and vision for this paradigm shift — and look forward to supporting our customers through the next evolution of this truly innovative sector.

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Read the full report here.

Yvette Cleland, Chief Executive Officer- Cpl Life Sciences