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Is it time for a change?

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The medical sector is a fascinating industry to work in as it is constantly evolving through new technology and breakthrough treatments. It is also a highly rewarding profession as you are contributing to helping other people’s lives.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you feel like you are in the most rewarding job you can be?

  • Do you ever think there’s more to life?

  • Do you think it might be time for a change?


Often, people feel reluctant to change, but what if this change meant finding a job that satisfied you completely?

Here are five questions to ask yourself to determine if you are in the right role, or whether you should contact us for a change:

1. Do you feel like you’re giving your job your all?

Do you still enter work excited for the day and leave feeling like you’ve done the best job you could? The majority of us spend more waking hours working than doing anything else, so you should make sure it’s something that you fully believe is worthwhile. Often, individuals can feel run down and stressed due to a lack of satisfaction or a toxic working environment. If you feel like the spark has gone, it may be time to head on to pastures new.

2. Does this job feel ‘me’?

This is a question where you need to be completely objective, and ask yourself, does every part of your job feel natural and enjoyable? Don’t try to force a jigsaw together if the pieces don’t fit. There could be something better out there.

3. Do you feel your career is advancing the way you want it to?

There are two types of career moves. The moves you want to make and the moves you think you want to make. Often you think the latter because you feel those are the advancements that are expected of everyone. You’ve got that promotion, taken on more responsibility and further projects. Other people would kill for this, so why don’t you feel satisfied?

Remember, you have control over your career, and we are happy to discuss your potential with you.

4. Would you like to earn more money, or improve your skillset?

A career change can offer you both these opportunities, along with a chance to grow. Many people are dissatisfied with their jobs; however feel trapped because they don’t want to part with their salary. This is when you need to ask yourself whether money alone is enough motivation for how your time is invested in earning it. This, again, is something our specialist consultants can help with. They can assess your skills, qualifications and requirements and help find a job that feels right and will reignite your drive to succeed.

Working as a locum allows for flexibility, when you are in control of which shifts you take and what placements you want. Locumming is worthwhile for gaining a wide range of experience and skills, establishing yourself and building a network at a higher pay rate on flexible terms.

5. Are you satisfied that your talents are being used in the most creative way, and with the biggest impact?

Do you feel that your entire skillset is being utilised in every possible way? If so, fantastic! However, if you can’t shake the feeling that you’re made for a better role than the one you’re in, and you feel there has to be more in life, then you may be right.

We want you to feel 100% satisfied in your job role and that you’re working towards your full potential. A change in career can be an anxious time, but we are here for support and advice, from applying to interview, right the way through to accommodation and financial advice for when you’ve landed your dream job.


Contact Cpl UK Healthcare now by emailing [email protected] for further advice on changing careers - it’s never too late.