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Cpl Life Sciences - Boston Biotech Summit 2021

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Yvette Cleland, CEO, Cpl Life Sciences comments on the upcoming Boston Biotech Summit:

I am delighted to be involved for the 5th year running in the Boston Biotech Summit on the 30th of September 2021, hosted by Blend of Concept. Dr Pravin Chaturvedi, PhD, Program Chair, together with Shahin Gharakhanian, MD, Co-Founder & International Program Committee Chair present this summit between Biotech and Pharma companies from healthcare focused cities and regional clusters, institutional, philanthropic and strategic investors as a Trans-Atlantic Bridge designed to foster innovative synergies. The summit team is passionate about bringing professionals together to spark new ideas and projects leading to the improvement of patients health and well-being globally.

The success of Biopharma will always depend on the quality of collaborative efforts and the importance of in-depth debate, and this always serves as a central theme at the Boston Biotechnology Summits. For 2021 the summit will be held virtually and is a must-attend, hand-crafted content driven summit with currently over 250 attendees offering quality international networking. The Summit is an independent entrepreneurial undertaking neither funded by any governmental organization nor affiliated to any institution. The objective of the Summit is to provide an efficient and cost-effective forum that will add value for the companies which take part. We aim to achieve this by maintaining a rich content, and strategically expanding this US-based Summit® to broader European participation.

Should you be interested in attending this week, please contact [email protected].