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Top 5 Reasons to live and work in Ireland

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Boram Kim is a Senior Recruitment Consultant on Cpl’s Global Talent team and part of her day-to-day role is spent looking for people. Boram recruits multilingual talent from around the globe, but especially from Germany and Scandinavia, for roles with some of the world’s largest multinationals based here in Ireland.

In 2016, while studying at university, Boram was reading, James Joyce’s ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’. The author’s flowing descriptive tones still retain the magic he distilled into them over one hundred years ago, as this little book inspired Boram to move to Ireland. In 2018, she fulfilled that dream and hasn’t looked back since.

By following her dream, Boram showed her adventurous spirit, and how curious and brave she is. Boram likes to explore new things and places and spends her time traveling around Ireland or walking the Dublin streets Joyce’s hero, Stephen Dedalus whispered to her about. She’s also dedicated, not too many people would hold on to a dream inspired by a story and follow through on it over two years later.

Boram is looking for people like her, who are looking for an adventure, who are brave and curious, who are dedicated and committed to seeing some of their dreams come true.

Today she has put together a list of the top five reasons to live and work in Ireland. And while Boram is a lover of literature, ‘my favourite novel inspired me’, isn’t a reason on the list. But perhaps it will be the reason you relocate to Ireland too.

Multinationals hiring for entry-level positions

Over 1,000 global companies in IT, Social Media, Pharma, and Finance are based in Ireland. And the majority of them are serving the EMEA market. These multinationals all need multi-lingual staff to help them grow across the region. If you speak one or two languages, especially Northern European languages, job opportunities across sales, customer service, and other operations are readily available. It’s a candidate’s market where you can apply for a lot of exciting roles. And those roles are with some impressive brands, Google, HP, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pfizer, and GSK all have HQ’s in Ireland.

Many of them will take on people with little experience as long as they, meet some of their language needs and are a good cultural fit.  

Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the European Union

Since Brexit, Ireland has come an easy choice for those who want to work in an English-speaking environment. Admittedly, having professional English is a distinct advantage when applying for roles here, however many roles are focused on communicating in a continental European language. And professional English is gained in the work environment. Employers will expect at least a B2 level, but the day-to-day meetings and interactions help many people become fluent speakers in professional English and gain a huge understanding of idiomatic English, which is a distinct advantage when looking for roles in English first companies across the European Union.

Ireland has the 3rd Highest pay in the European Union

According to Statista, in 2020, Ireland’s average annual wage is around 49,000 Euros per year. The country ranks 3rd behind Luxembourg and Netherlands in average European salary.

The caveat, is of course the cost of living, especially in Dublin. Many of the roles available to multi-lingual applicants average 35-40K for someone with little to no experience. While this may be below the national average, many employees; move up, gain experience and negotiate a better rate. An experienced person coming into a role could easily demand up to 60K. This stepping up can be quite quick for career-driven people. For example, a multi-lingual IT salesperson with a years’ experience driving growth and reaching targets, could realise a salary of 80K (base + commission).

Also, many employers have adopted a hybrid working model, which will most likely continue into the future. This allows employees to live outside of the expensive city centre and be based in quieter, more affordable suburban or rural environments.

Language skills can lead to faster promotion

One of the issues facing companies serving the EMEA market is the retention of qualified multi-lingual staff. People with more than one language are recognized and valued by their employers. This leads to a quicker promotion path for companies keen to retain key staff members with skills that just can’t be learned on the job. Naturally, they offer attractive plans for their employees including generous incentive schemes, but also career progression opportunities.

Also, companies based here, really care about employees in general. A 2018 HR Practices in Ireland Survey indicated that 54% of Irish companies rank employee engagement as their top priority.

For instance, many employers have promotion accelerator schemes, which guarantee fair and fast promotions. Companies set reasonable and realistic KPIs to reach per quarter or yearly goals. For example, multilingual employees Cpl placed global consulting firms in Dublin between five and seven years ago have risen through the ranks to be, team leads, managers, and in one case, a vice president.

Dublin has a vibrant lifestyle

This is the most fun part of the list, lifestyle, and culture. Many people adore the traditional music and dance which is unique to Ireland. The country also offers breath-taking scenery and beautiful countryside peppered with parks, lakes, mountains, beaches, and cliffs.
Many multi-lingual employees find the Irish people to be friendly and welcoming. There will be lots of opportunities to socialize with local people through pubs, sports clubs, and lessons, etc. Many of the ex-pats who live here join clubs and make lifelong friendships.
For those who like a small slice of home, Dublin is very metropolitan, with people from literally every single country that you can think of walking its streets. Over 17% of the city’s population are foreign-born and this is reflected in the wide array of restaurants to be found in the city centre.
If like Boram, you are inspired to move to Ireland, or just curious. Have a look at our multilingual roles here. And don’t forget to visit the roles that Boram is currently managing.

Fáilte go hÉirinn


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