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My Kickstart Experience - Jada Retnam-Mate

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​Hi everyone, I just wanted to take the time to tell everyone about my experience with Cpl UK. In September 2021 I joined Cpl UK via the kickstart scheme.


Why did you decide to join Cpl UK Healthcare?

I had decided to go for a role in the administrative sector, having previously studied business administration in college. After a long time of completing work experience, applying for jobs, working hard and eager anticipation, I finally got this opportunity. I really wanted to improve not just my admin skills and build upon what I’d already learnt at college but also my teamworking skills whilst earning money. That’s why when I first heard about the kickstart scheme, I grabbed it with both hands!

What's it been like working here?

I’ll admit - at first I was really nervous! Fortunately though, I was surrounded by kind, qualified consultants showing me the ropes from day 1. I was really impressed to learn the size of Cpl UK and its high standards as a company. I feel that this spurred me on to be the best version of myself and to do my best at each and every task. I’ve met some lovely individuals along the way and enjoyed working with my fellow kick starters too. I’ve realised that having a job and a routine can definitely help to lessen anxiety during these uncertain times.

However, I believe that having a job that you enjoy is even more important. That’s why finding my niche and learning new skills has boosted my confidence as well as my career prospects! For example, I was given the opportunity to be mentored by the lovely Tamara, who is the Senior Marketing Executive for Cpl UK. We worked well together and I really got to show my creative flair and discover hidden talents! It was really fun doing research, coming up with marketing and fundraising ideas as well as creating posts for social media.

Final Thoughts

I came in wanting to learn admin but I’ve learnt so much more! I’ve learnt about compliance, marketing and how to use my initiative to be more productive. I want to thank Affi for this great experience and wonderful opportunity! I would also like to thank the kind consultants at Cpl UK for their training and support. Without them I wouldn’t have discovered my skills in marketing, using Canva and creative thinking.

- Jada Retnam-Mate